Cal grads Will Smelko and Ronald Chang break into the multibillion dollar dietary supplement industry, which has been attracting increasing attention from venture capitalists.
A recent study by the Heat Island Group at Berkeley Lab concluded that cool pavements often promise more than they ultimately deliver. But that doesn’t mean they’re a total bust.
A selection of reading on UC Berkeley in the world this week.
Gov. Jerry Brown’s tunnel project is gaining momentum, but it doesn’t address the issue at the core of the state’s water problems, says Cal’s Roger Bales.
The UC Berkeley radio station, founded in 1962, helped launch the careers of Green Day, the Flaming Lips, and countless others.
Talai plays “intentional caricatures” in Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ lauded play “An Octoroon,” currently at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre.
New programs are helping underrepresented entrepreneurs jump start and develop their businesses.
The UC Berkeley graduates are among the 120,000 Japanese Americans who were incarcerated in internment camps during World War II.
New technologies might help protect us from some of the worst hazards of aging.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife and National Marine Fisheries services announced this week that Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed twin tunnel project won’t kill already imperiled fish. But the project still faces other obstacles.
That summery pool chlorine smell might actually signal troublesome levels of bodily fluids, which according to researchers, react with pool disinfectants to create a chemical compound with surprising effects.
Jack Dairiki shares his account of the atomic bombing and describes his extraordinary journey to Cal.