Alumni Award Archives

From 1943 to 2014, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) recognized outstanding achievements and service of Cal alumni through a portfolio of five annual award categories.

The awards have since been re-imagined through a collaboration with University Development and Alumni Relations, and can be found at their new online home here.

Below are descriptions of the original awards, and links to the past recipients of each.

Alumni Achievement Awards

Alumnus/a of the Year

The highest honor awarded to a prominent alumnus/a who has achieved distinction through exceptional contribution to our international, national, state, or community welfare. Relevant contribution(s) may occur in a single year or over a span of years, preferably extending into the year of selection.
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Excellence in Achievement

This award honors prominent alumni with records of exceptional career achievement. Past recipients represent a broad range of fields, including business, literature, energy conservation, filmmaking, politics, medicine, education, community development and more.
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Mark Bingham Award for Excellence in Achievement by a Young Alumnus/a

This award honors a younger alumnus/a with accomplishments of significant importance at an early stage of his/her career (1-15 years out of school). This award pays tribute to Mark Bingham ’93, who died September 11, 2001, defending the United States on United Airlines Flight 93.
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Alumni Service Awards

Excellence in Service

This award recognizes Cal alumni who have rendered outstanding voluntary service to the Cal Alumni Association and/or the University.
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Bradford S. King Award for Excellence in Service by a Young Alumnus/a

This award honors young alumni who have made significant contributions of voluntary service to the Cal Alumni Association and/or the University within their first 15 years following graduation. The award pays tribute to Bradford S. King, who died in 1983 at the age of 28. King devoted countless hours to revitalizing University traditions.
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Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award

This award honors a CAA chartered alumni chapter who has rendered outstanding voluntary service to alumni in their local region or area of special interest over the course of the chapter’s existence.
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