The College Prep Camp

An exciting college search and personal statement/essay workshop for students who will be high school juniors and seniors in the fall (don’t just take our word for it—check out what our attendees had to say!).

This program will be held at Camp Sylvester (located across the street from Camp Oski), and the session will be held during the middle of summer so as not to conflict with school schedules.

For full information and/or to register, please visit The College Prep Camp »

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2017 Dates:

  • August 6 - 10: Camp Sylvester, Pinecrest, CA — overnight camp

  • Space is limited in order for us to ensure a high level of instruction and individual assistance, so early registration is encouraged.

    Curriculum and Programming

    • College Search Workshops: Find colleges that fit your interests and goals
    • College Application Seminars: Learn how to complete the best application possible
    • Personal Statement/Essay Workshops for Seniors: Walk away with your drafts completed
    • SAT/ACT Prep for Juniors: Learn test-taking strategies and take a practice test
    • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Learn how to get the most money possible

    “Getting my personal statement out of the way is very satisfying, and it reduced my stress. Plus I made lots of friends!”
    – Senior at 2014 session

    Students will receive expert guidance and advice from UC Berkeley Admissions staff, high school guidance counselors, AP English instructors, and current university students. This program is designed to assist students in finding colleges that are good fits for their academic interests, as well as that match their extracurricular interests as well—all colleges and universities are explored as options, in addition to Cal and other UC schools.

    Sessions will include break-out workshops on making the most out of college, keynote speakers from top universities, and more.

    The goal? To help students be relaxed, prepared, and excited for their upcoming college experiences. College and college prep is an eye-opening adventure—one of the more significant experiences you’ll have in your life—and the work you put in now can not just be fun, but also so worth it! Join Lair staff and a fun group of peers from throughout the U.S. for this energizing and fun-filled program.

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    “This was a great experience. The college counselors were very helpful in the one-on-ones. It was impressive to have a UC Berkeley Admissions officer here.”
    – Junior at 2014 session

    For full information and/or to register, please visit THE College Prep Camp »

    Praise for THE College Prep Camp

    We surveyed our 2015 attendees—here’s what they had to say.

    “The instructors were absolutely amazing and they really knew how to help us as students they treated us with respect and gave us valuable feedback.”

    “So helpful. Really enjoyed every aspect of the camp.”

    “They were so helpful and brought a light fun energy to the writing process also.”

    “I really enjoyed this camp. I thought the ratio of work and free time was perfect and i really feel way more confident in every aspect of the college process.”

    Programs and dates are subject to change.