Insider’s Japan

Sep. 30 - Oct. 12, 2017 [waitlist only]

Tour Details

Number of days: 
$5,691 (including air from SFO)
Activity Level: 
Moderate to Active
Max Passengers: 
Dianne Fukami
Tour Operator: 
Odysseys Unlimited
Tour Brochure 
Final Brochure: Insider's Japan320.13 KB
Tour Description 
  • Tour Tokyo’s most magnificent sites, including the Imperial Palace District and the Meiji Shrine.
  • Marvel at views of Mt. Fuji and scenic Ashi Lake at Mt. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.
  • Spend a night at a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn.
  • Stroll along the streets of historic Takayama with its 16th-century castle and attractive old-style buildings.
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawago Gassho-zukuri Village, featuring the unique Gassho architectural style.
  • Explore culturally rich Kanazawa including renowned Kenrokuen Garden, the Higashi Chayagai teahouse and geisha area, and the Nagamachi Samurai district.
  • Tour Kyoto, the embodiment of Japan’s rich culture and complex history.
  • Attend a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Take a cycling tour through Kyoto’s Gion district, where geishas gather, and through the grounds of the Imperial Palace.


I’m interesting in going on this tour with my wife, 10 year old son, and 83 year old mother. I think I would like to wheel my mother around in a wheel chair and skip the “active” portions of the tour. Would this be possible? How would this tour be for the elderly? Thanks.
Thank you for your comment David. I would have to check with our tour operator about your questions and the ability to accommodate your family. This trip is fairly active, in that you are moving around a lot on foot and by motorcoach, would your mother be able to get in and out of the motorcoach on her own? I am happy to look into this for you if you can provide a bit more information. I want to be sure that you will all be able to enjoy this trip to the fullest.
My mother doesn’t use a wheel chair and she can walk fine usually, but does use a cane sometimes when her leg aches, and can’t walk more than a few blocks without resting. I was just thinking of wheeling her around on a wheel chair to make her more comfortable or when she needs it because of an aching leg. She can get in out of a motor coach without any trouble. The other thing I was thinking, since this would be four people, my wife and my son and I would stay in one room and my mother would have her own room.
Thank you for the additional information. I will ask our tour operator about the activity level of the trip and the condition of the streets/sidewalks to accommodate a wheelchair. You will most likely need to bring your own wheelchair but I can also ask if they have one on site for you to use, or a company that you would use to rent one for the duration of the trip. I will also inquire about the ability to have a triple room to accommodate you and your son. The single room should be no problem. They are limited but for the time being we do still have single availability. If you want me to hold rooms for you while we figure out the answers to your questions, I am happy to do so. Please email me with the passport names and contact addresses for the 4 of you:
Is there still room for two on this trip?
Hi Leslie, Unfortunately this trip is sold out. We are offering it again in 2018 so please stay tuned for an announcement on that trip!

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