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Jul. 15 - Aug. 4, 2018

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Eureka by Cal Discoveries Travel
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Registration will be open to the public in November. Fill out the early interest form and be the first to know when registration opens.

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  • Travel to Oxford and spend three weeks immersed in the culture and traditions of this lively university town.
  • Attend inspiring seminars and experience life as a student at the oldest university in the English speaking world.
  • From Shakespeare, to British culture and identity, to art and design, the wide-ranging seminars offer a rare opportunity to learn from Oxford faculty—leaders in their field.
  • You also have free time to explore the neighboring town and countryside and to take weekend trips.
  • Live at Merton College, one of the two oldest colleges at Oxford. Merton is picturesque, known for its medieval and 17th-century buildings and a garden protected by the city wall.


I am a CAL Alumni, please notify me as soon as you have the class list…..I’m having difficulty with the early interest form
Sent an email, am interested in Oxford program.
Thank you Madeline! I just added you to the list to receive further information on the trip. Please stay tuned this fall for the announcement of Seminars.
I went on the Berkeley Oxford Program last summer (2016) and loved it. Unfortunately I could not make the trip this year but would love to be on the mailing list and notified for the 2018 program. Jim Pagliaro
Thank you Jim! Please use the yellow button above to sign up for updates. This is the only way we will be able to track interest. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are so thrilled that you’ll hopefully join us in 2018!
You might want to mention the required paper and class presentation that each participant must do in your initial description or people will think that this is merely a tour.
I just returned from this awesome program and will attend again. I think the description above is misleading. It’s not three weeks of seminars. It is an intense three week class on a particular topic with a leading teaching scholar or tutor. A paper and presentation is required so many afternoons are spent at the library researching. There are field trips relative to the class and optional trips on the weekends. It is a phenomenal experience if interested in a learning vacation and meeting fellow like minded individuals.
Thank you for your comment. We are in the process of updating this website and will put forth more detailed information before we open up the trip for reservations in October.
I agree that more attention should be given to the fact that this is an intensive, immersive experience in a college level subject of one’s choosing. I have attended twice and found it fun, stimulating, and hard work in the best way. The seminar format allows everyone to be engaged in the subject; the varied personal and professional backgrounds of the attendees add to the enjoyment of being a student again in wonderful Merton College.
FWIW, these courses were announced before we left this summer. I think that there might be a couple more added at a later date. 1. Tutor: Richard Bisgrove, ‘The Arts and Crafts Garden’ 2. Tutor: Dr Janet Dickinson, ‘The Elizabethan World’ 3. Tutor: Dr Emma Plaskitt, ‘The Oxford Fantasists’ 4. Tutor: Dr Lynn Robson, ‘Shakespeare’s Kings and Queens’ 5. Tutor: Dr Rikky Rooksby: The Spirit of Britain: Arts, Culture, History and National Identity 1927-1951 6. Tutor: Dick Smethurst, ‘Is the Liberal International Order Over?’ 7. Tutor: Dr Kate Watson, ‘Winston Churchill: A Man of his Time?’ 8. Tutor: Dr Gillian White, ‘From Castles to Country Houses’
I have come on the Oxford Berkeley program many times over the least 23 years. It is emphatically not a lazy tour with lectures. Scholars have come to Oxford for 900 years; this program invites us to join them, if only for a few short weeks. The Oxford Berkeley program is fun. It is addictive, exciting., stimulating. It is an intellectual spa. PS To describe Merton College as “picturesque” is to suggest it is a relic of the past. Not so. Established 750 years ag0, it is very much alive today.
Amen to that!
I’ve attended this program for 11 years. If you’re looking for a guided tour experience this program is not for you. Although room and board are provided this program is for the independent traveler. It is also a program for scholars. You will write a paper and give a presentation to your class. Classes meet in the morning for 3 weeks. There are many interesting courses offered and the tutors (teachers) are excellent. Prior to coming to Oxford your tutor will send you a required reading list and suggestions for supplemental reading. You may opt to get a grade for your work, and undergraduate credits from Berkeley. Afternoons and weekends are free for research and travel. Although there are some excursions offered, the wise traveler will make independent plans to delve into the magic of Oxford, the glorious countryside, and historic sites. Be prepared for modest accommodations, quirky English plumbing, and lots of stairs. If you intend to enroll be honest with yourself. Can you climb a lot of stairs? Are you prepared to do a lot of walking? Do you have medical issues or infirmities that will hinder your participation and be burdensome for others? This program has been absolutely life changing for me. As an Anglophile and life long learner, I came to Oxford and found my Tribe. Interesting people and immersion in a truly English experience make this a unique experience. I can’t say enough about the program. When I arrive in Oxford I feel I’ve truly come Home.

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