Talia Kennedy ’09

Strategic Management, Emerging Technologies
San Francisco, CA
Product Management, Facebook

Talia Kennedy received her master’s degree from UC Berkeley, where she focused on strategic management for digital platforms and developing emerging technologies such as virtual reality. She was elected as one of three founding members of the Graduate School of Journalism’s Student Leadership Board. Before graduate school, she completed her undergraduate degree in one year and ten months and was accepted to attend UC Berkeley for graduate school at age 19. Her award-winning journalism has been published in The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications.

Kennedy leads product and growth teams at Facebook in building the world’s next computing platforms using augmented reality and virtual reality. She advises start-ups working in areas such as AI, drones, and blockchain through Facebook’s global start-up accelerator programs. Before Facebook, she led product teams at Apple that built the digital shopping experiences for iPhone, Apple Watch, and HomePod launches, among other products. She’s also led product and growth teams at venture-backed start-ups in the consumer sector.

Kennedy is an Industry Specialist in product management for Berkeley Haas, for which she advises MBA students and alumni, and volunteers to mentor and evaluate start-up pitches for MBA students in product management and product development classes. Kennedy is a longtime volunteer for the Graduate School of Journalism, for which she evaluates candidates for admission each year and mentors graduate students on their master’s thesis projects, especially multimedia storytelling projects that use emerging technologies.