Jason Morimoto ’02

Past President, Alumni Regent

When he was a student, Jason Morimoto (B.S. ’02, Business Administration) says, the Cal Alumni Association made an impression on him. “In particular, it was CAA’s support and mentorship of the student population that first interested me in the organization. As an alumnus, I further came to appreciate CAA’s ability to connect UC Berkeley alumni to each other and back to the Cal campus,” says Morimoto, who as a varsity student-athlete in rugby was selected for CAA’s The Leadership Award, among other CAA scholarships.

“The CAA scholarships provided me with the financial flexibility to pursue various leadership activities on campus,” says Morimoto, now an investment banker working with international technology companies.

He brings to the board an understanding of the importance of social technology as a tool in communicating with Cal grads worldwide, which will be a big help with CAA’s ever-more-essential online alumni community outreach initiatives.

Morimoto says he stays connected with the Cal community through undergraduate and graduate job recruitment, as well as interviewing incoming freshmen for CAA’s The Leadership Award Scholarship. He figures he is on campus half a dozen times a year, meeting with 300–400 students.