Kiran Rao ’98

Vice President, Finance
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Los Altos, CA
Director of Operations, TPG Capital

Kiran’s time at Cal proved to be a transformative experience in many ways. Cal was not only where Kiran would meet his future wife—it also served as an early reminder of the necessity of giving back. Kiran himself was a recipient of a full-ride scholarship to Berkeley, thanks to a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Kiran earned his B.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from Cal in 1998, then went on to receive his MBA in management and finance in 2006 from Columbia Business School. During his time at Cal, Kiran was elected president of the Engineers’ Joint Council, the representative organization for students in the College of Engineering, and served as director of the Berkeley Engineering Fund. Kiran is also a member of the Order of the Golden Bear.

Kiran previously worked at McKinsey & Company as a senior engagement manager, where he served clients in the technology industry. For the past eight years, he has been a senior leader in the operations team at TPG Capital, a leading private equity firm. He has served on for-profit boards for seven TPG portfolio companies, including Univision, Chobani, and Cirque Du Soleil; and on nonprofit boards, such as the Board of Trustees of the Renaissance Charter School for Innovation.

Kiran is married to Sumi Aggarwal, a fellow Cal alum. Sumi and Kiran have two and a half rambunctious kids (2 daughters and a spaniel), and live in Los Altos.