2017 Cal Alumni Survey: Alumni Facilities

New in the 2017 survey: Alumni were asked about their preferences for potential future on-campus facilities provided at Alumni House.

Interest in increased facilities for special events was a top response, with 88% of respondents indicating interest in on-campus alumni space for special events, including engagements with notable speakers, conferences and lectures, and athletics watch parties.

62% of respondents also indicated interest in an on-campus lounge space for alumni to socialize together.

pie chart: On-campus facilities of interest to alumni: 36% Conference and lecture space, 33% Pre-event food and drink options, 31% Large venue to host notable special guests, 31% None of the above, 29% Social lounge area for alumni, 21% Theater and viewing space, 4% Other.

62% of alumni surveyed said they would visit Alumni House more often or much more often if additional facilities were offered.

pie chart: How often would alumni visit additional facilities on campus: 9% Much more often, 53% More often, 29% About as often as I visit now, 1% Less often.

Alumni on Campus

Alumni on Campus graphic

Alumni respondents reported that they would visit campus more often if additional facilities were offered at Alumni House. 

Their top five interests in visiting campus were:

  1. Event space
  2. Pre-event food and drink options
  3. Large venue to host notable guests
  4. Lounge area
  5. Theater space