2017 Cal Alumni Survey: Communications

Alumni reported the most interest in hearing current news about the university as well as stories of its local and global impact.

What kind of information related to UC Berkeley is valuable to you?

pie chart: What information related to UC Berkeley is valuable to alumni: 21% Current news about the university, 20% The university’s local and global impact, 16% Services provided to alumni, 14% Campus-sponsored and alumni programs, events, and activities, 10% Fellow alumni, 9% University faculty, 6% University budget, 5% Current students, 1% Other.


Nearly half of all alumni surveyed are positively influenced by the UC Berkeley website, berkeley.edu. 45% of alumni surveyed said that CALIFORNIA magazine positively influences their perception of UC Berkeley.

A growing percentage of respondents—26% in 2017—are also influenced by UC Berkeley’s social media channels.

Which communications have a positive influence on alumni perceptions of UC Berkeley?
bar chart: Which communications have a positive influence on alumni perceptions of UC Berkeley? 46% UC Berkeley’s website (berkeley.edu), 45% CALIFORNIA magazine, 38% Department, school, college, or student org newsletters, 37% The Daily Californian, 30% Berkeley Online (UC Berkeley’s monthly e-newsletter), 29% CAA’s website (alumni.berkeley.edu).


While most alumni surveyed continue to prefer to receive communication by email, a growing population is embracing technological conveniences such as text messages and social media outreach.

26% of alumni respondents prefer communication from the university through text messages on cell phones, compared to less than 1% in 2014.

19% of alumni respondents prefer to receive communications through social media.

79% of alumni surveyed say that they receive 1–2 communications per week from UC Berkeley.

  2011 2014 2017
Email 79% of alumni survey respondents 74% of alumni survey respondents 85% of alumni survey respondents
U.S. Postal Service 14% 12% 26%


Alumni Surveyed Report Positive Effect of Magazine

Alumni Surveyed Report Positive Effect of Magazine graphic

The print California magazine continues to be the top campus print publication and the most valuable tangible member benefit among alumni surveyed.

74% of survey respondents reported great satisfaction with the quality of California magazine.

63% of alumni surveyed felt more connected to fellow alumni or to the university through the magazine.

45% of alumni surveyed reported a positive perception of Berkeley through the influence of the magaine.