CAA Celebrates Its 140th Anniversary

Throughout the year, we will celebrate the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Cal Alumni Association, and with it, 140 years of alumni excellence and service to our alma mater and our global community.

The Alumni Association was chartered in 1872 by members of the University’s first graduating class with the purpose of “the promotion of good fellowship and kindly feelings among its members and the fostering of liberal and scientific culture on the Pacific Coast.”

By 1912, the alumni office was responsible for maintaining an address file of all alumni, helping alumni secure employment, organizing alumni clubs throughout the state, and publishing the California Alumni Weekly. Today, the Cal Alumni Association represents a community of more than 450,000 Berkeley graduates living all over the globe.

Last year, nearly 11,000 students earned a degree from Berkeley, a monumental leap from the original 12 graduates.  

With support from more than 100,000 dues-paying members and thousands of active alumni volunteers, the Cal Alumni Association’s mission is to advance and promote the interests of the University by inspiring alumni to stay connected to each other and to our alma mater. Together with our campus partners, we play an integral role in informing, engaging and inspiring alumni to support the University. As a self-sustaining nonprofit organization, we present alumni with relevant engagement opportunities that range from selecting scholarship recipients to advocating for public funding of higher education. And we still communicate with our alumni via our award-winning California magazine.

From the time the first class graduated from the University in 1872, the Cal Alumni Association has been deeply committed to preserving the legacy of our alma mater—and most importantly to ensuring that its future remains forever flourishing.

Thank you for 140 years of commitment, support, and passion.

Fiat Lux!

Jefferson C.M. Coombs ’89

(Left to right): Inauguration of Kerr, Chancellor Glenn Seaborg—Sept. 29, 1958; 1927 vs 1928 Brawl—Sep. 1924; Vietnam Debate—Charter Day ’66.


Congratulations to CAA from the over 2,100 Cal alumni in southern Nevada represented by Cal Spirit of Las Vegas. Thank you for the support you have provided us over the years and we look forward to our continued association as a Chartered Alumni Group. Go Bears! Prof. Dan Asera ’69 President & Founder, Cal Spirit of Las Vegas Senior Class President, Class of 1969 Golden Bear Life Member, Cal Alumni Association Nevada Regional Representative, Haas School of Business ———

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