Chi Psi Brothers, Class of 1897. The Fox Terrier’s Name Was Bismark.

This News Center item about Berkeley archaeologist Laurie Wilkie’s The Lost Boys of Zeta Psi, a fascinating historical study of one UC fraternity, prompted us to re-post the image above. The undated photo shows a group of Chi Psi brothers enjoying a smoke on the front stoop of the frat house.{C}{C}The back of the photograph is labeled “Reunion.” Wilkie, who used Peter Pan as a framework to tell her story, compares the confines of the fraternity to Never Land of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale. She tells the News Center’s Wendy Edelstein, “Never Land was a pause for the Lost Boys, a hiatus in growing up. Just as the Lost Boys were only Lost Boys when they were in Never Land, you’re really only an active Zeta Psi brother when you’re in the house.”


I was a member and officer of Chi Psi during all 4 1/2 yrs of my undergraduate experience (1970- 12/1974) but don’t recall this picture. I was also IFC Pres 1972-1974 with a desk in Sproul Hall. Any idea if this picture is legitimate or from Zeta Psi as the article mentions?
Their only clue may be just what is written on the hats? Makes for a good story.
great story indeed

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