Cutting Edge Design

Of his namesake Hall, William Wurster, dean the School of Architecture (now the College of Environmental Design) said, “I wanted it to look like a ruin that no regent would like. … It’s absolutely unfinished, uncouth, and brilliantly strong.”  Wurster, who died in 1973, got his wish. The regents were not pleased with the ponderous concrete structure and its drab looming tower. But while critics scoffed, Wurster maintained the design was in fact decades ahead of its time. “Our building,” he said, “will take 20 years to arrive.”


NOPE. Still looked like poop, decades after the fact.
I used to go to the tower at sunset. All the way up. All alone… and take pictures of the Bay, behind that Treasure Island, Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, then the limitless reaches of the Pacific. John Kercheval ’87
wow, i think is good for walk alone and refreshing, the Cutting Edge Design is good

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