KALX, 1967

Here’s another photo from our files. This one shows what appears to be the old news booth at what was then called Radio KAL. Back in the day (this photo is marked 1967) the station was broadcasting at a mere 10 watts—barely enough to carry across Bancroft. Today, it’s known as KALX and the signal is a more respectable 500 watts.For our “Soundtrack of Berkeley” issue, we sent formerCreem editor and Cal alum Jaan Uhelszki to report on the considerable influence the station has had—not only on the musical tastes of its listeners and the careers of the artists it plays, but also on the lives of the volunteers who have kept the station humming all these years. Read “Off the Charts,” starting on page 36 of the Summer 2011 issue. (Photo: Dennis Galloway)


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