CAA Launches Innovative Professional and Social Networking Program for UC Berkeley Graduates

The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) of the University of California, Berkeley announces The Berkeley Network, a new program that provides professional and social networking opportunities for UC Berkeley alumni. The Berkeley Network offers three modules for career programming, including free webinar series for career management and executive development, new Cal alumni committees within California’s top corporations, and regional industry gatherings.

Elinor Tappé, Director of The Berkeley Network and Leadership Engagement at CAA, stated, “The Berkeley Network was developed in response to growing research that indicates the high value Cal graduates place on career services programming delivered by their alma mater. Alumni expect their universities and alumni associations to help facilitate the connections that lead to professional development and networking opportunities—at all stages of their careers. The Berkeley Network takes this shared affinity among the Cal alumni community and builds a foundation of collaboration and work/life enrichment.”

CAA Executive Director Jefferson C.M. Coombs ’89 explains, “It’s no secret that people who invest in a top tier education at an institution like UC Berkeley expect not just the advantage that comes with a world-class degree, but also support from their alma mater as they navigate the professional world. We have listened to what our alumni want and have endeavored to meet those needs in every way possible. The response to the launch of The Berkeley Network has been resoundingly positive.”  

Alumni involved with The Berkeley Network can look forward to more collaborative events and career-specific programming, such as:

  • The recent University of California “UC Alumni in Entertainment” industry event that premiered on September 3, 2014 in Hollywood, CA;
  • Career advice webinars that welcome new speakers and topics every quarter;
  • A networking breakfast series in Los Angeles in December 2014, boasting speaking programs that feature the likes of the president of Nonesuch Records, Robert Hurwitz ’71; and
  • The expansion of the Corporate Alumni Committees program, helping Cal alumni in large California companies create professional networking communities—Google and Wells Fargo have already established committees that bring internal alumni together at all levels of their careers to network, and advise and support each other.

Concludes Coombs, “The Berkeley Network is taking the challenge of job searching, career development, and work/life balance, and creating an experience that is not only manageable, but even enjoyable; our alumni deserve nothing less.”

The Berkeley Network is featured in the latest issue of California magazine, detailing the introduction and launch of this important new initiative:

Information about The Berkeley Network and upcoming events is available online at

For more information on The Berkeley Network, please contact Elinor Tappé at 510.900.8202 or

Founded in 1872 the Cal Alumni Association represents the entire UC Berkeley alumni community. CAA is a self-funded, non-profit organization which exists to serve and support the University of California, Berkeley through an array of programs and services, including scholarships, legislative advocacy, and the award-winning California magazine.


In the University of California we have found several kinds of programs and campaigns by the management. This time also Cal Alumni Association (CAA) provides a new program that helps to develop the social networking and other related issues in the campus. Social networking is a beneficial opportunity to develop our networking and relation in the community; it also helps to share ideas, exchange of skills and strategies and develop personality. I wish these kinds of programs should be promoted to develop student’s confidence.

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