CAA Welcomes Five New Board Members

In July 2018, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) welcomed four new members and a student director to its Board of Directors. The CAA Board of Directors oversees the vision of the organization; encourages diversity, strategic leadership, and decisions; and serves and connects with the entire Cal alumni community.

Each new board members will serve a four-year term from July 2018 to July 2022; our student director will serve through June 2019. We asked all five incoming members to share what they most anticipate accomplishing during their tenure with CAA. Each one of them hopes to foster better connections and relationships throughout the entire Berkeley community.

Allard Chu

Allard Chu ’09

Mechanical Engineering
Orange, CA
Patent Attorney

As a CAA board member, I look forward to aiding CAA in creating a global community for Cal alumni to form lifelong friendships and share life experiences.

Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao ’98

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Los Altos, CA
Director of Operations, TPG Capital

As a CAA board member, I greatly look forward to working with the Cal Alumni Association to strengthen and improve the Cal community that has given me so much. Specifically, I would love to both improve the alumnus experience—particularly for the thousands of Cal alums who live in San Francisco Bay Area—and rejuvenate our collective bonds with our alma mater.

Robert G. Sproul

Robert G. Sproul ’70

Moraga, CA

As a CAA board member, I look forward to strengthening the value that the alumni association brings to the University of California alumni community.

Kirk Tramble

Kirk Tramble ’93

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Castro Valley, CA
Customer Success Manager, Oracle

As a CAA board member, I look forward to helping envision extraordinary engagement opportunities for Cal alumni.

Michael Steckler

Michael Steckler ’19

Culver City, CA
CAA Student Director

As a CAA board member, I look forward to serving UC Berkeley, the #1 public university in the world, by providing my unique student perspective to all matters CAA related and connecting with fellow members of the global Cal community.

Read more about each of our new board members.


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