The Cal Alumni Association Transfers Ownership of Pinecrest Chalet to 2014 Matthew Trust

Effective December 2, 2019, the Cal Alumni Association’s Pinecrest Chalet will operate under new ownership. The Chalet will continue to operate as a year-round mountain resort. All current bookings and reservations will be honored under the new proprietorship.

Pinecrest Chalet is located in Pinecrest, California, in the Stanislaus National Forest. The town of Pinecrest is home to Pinecrest Lake, Dodge Ridge Ski Resort, and the Cal Alumni Association’s Lair of the Golden Bear family camp, all approximately a three-hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. Pinecrest Chalet offers 23 cottages and chalets, and is a unique venue for weddings, family reunions, and retreats.

Founded in 1952 as a rustic three-story dorm room with a separate kitchen, the Chalet has grown considerably over the past 60 years and has hosted thousands of guests from around the world. Today, each free-standing chalet has a full kitchen and sleeps up to 14 guests, and more intimate cottages provide cozy accommodations for two to four people.

The Cal Alumni Association acquired Pinecrest Chalet in May 2009 as a complementary property to its neighboring Lair of the Golden Bear summer family camp. Chalet guests can purchase daily passes to the Lair for dining and activities, a benefit 2014 Matthew Trust plans to continue as a service to longtime Lair enthusiasts.

For more information about Pinecrest Chalet’s new ownership, contact (209) 965-3276. To make a reservation, call (209) 965-3276 or visit Pinecrest Chalet’s website at


What did the Association receive in return for the transfer of Pinecrest?
This ‘announcement’ is very odd. It does not sound like it came from California Alumni Association. Please provide more information.
It was your announcement that the Association had turned Pinecrest over to 2014 Mathews Trust. That was the headline on the Association email above.
What is the “2014 Matthews Trust” and what is its relationship to CAA?
According to the announcement that started this discussion the CAA has transferred ownership of the Pinecrest Chalet to the 2014 Mathews Trust. It was the announcement that I read and responded to in this discussion and when I pulled it up on Google the same announcement comes up. As it states that CAA transferred ownership I was requesting to know what was received in return for the transfer of ownership.

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