Cloey Hewlett ’76, J.D. ’79 is appointed Executive Director of the Cal Alumni Association

Berkeley, California, January 6, 2016 – Clothilde “Cloey” Hewlett has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Cal Alumni Association (CAA), UC Berkeley’s alumni association, by CAA’s Board of Directors.

CAA represents the 485,000 living graduates of the number one public university, UC Berkeley—alumni who are leaders in industry, public service, and education. As Executive Director, Cloey will lead a professional team and volunteer network that together leverage and expand alumni relationships across the state, nation, and around the world to support the continued excellence of UC Berkeley.

Cloey received her B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley in 1976 and her J.D. from the UC Berkeley School of Law in 1979. A practicing attorney since 1980, Cloey comes to CAA from her most recent position as a Partner of national law firm Nossaman LLP where she focused on government contracting, crisis communication, major appropriations, policy analysis, and diversity. She is a specialist in public policy and is a registered State and Federal lobbyist, and has represented major companies and organizations in the areas of water, energy, clean technology, nanotechnology, information technology, cosmetics, government contracting, public-private infrastructure projects, and sports. Cloey has served under three different governors of California, and other past roles include Interim Director of the State of California’s Department of General Services; Undersecretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency for the State of California; Director for Moral Character Determinations for the State Bar of California; and Assistant District Attorney for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

“I believe the combination of her professional and volunteer experience, passion, and active engagement with UC Berkeley as an alumna makes Cloey the ideal individual to lead our organization,” remarked CAA President Jason Morimoto. “She is uniquely qualified to serve in this important role of informing, engaging, and inspiring the Cal alumni community to support our great University.”

Cloey has demonstrated a strong commitment to diversity in her professional and personal endeavors. In 2013, Cloey was honored with the “Most Powerful and Influential Women of California” award by the National Diversity Council. Cloey has been outside counsel to sports organizations including the Sacramento Kings and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority, and since 2009 has been a Member of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco 49ers Foundation. She has been very active in philanthropy and in helping local communities realize the economic benefits of professional sports.

Cloey’s extensive involvement with UC Berkeley, since her graduation, includes serving as a Board Member for CAA and as a speaker, panel moderator, and reunion co-chair for Boalt Hall. She has received numerous awards including CAA’s Excellence in Service Award (2011) and the Adhama Award, Berkeley School of Law Journal of African-American Law & Policy (2005).

Cloey will begin her role as Executive Director on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.


This is a truly inspired appointment. I cannot imagine a better person to lead the Cal Alumni Association. Congratulations!
Cloey , This is fabulous! Congratulations! Lois
Cloey, Congratulations!
Congratulations, and we’ll need your support for our nonprofit programs. Please visit our website at Pil Orbison, Music and Haas Business School/Business Law and PE/tennis. By the way, I’m a woman although many people perceive my name as a man.
Please add me in your list for community development nonprofit project I’m pursuing in Berkeley and we’ll need alumni to join in our research and internship program. Go Bears, Pil Orbison
Please come to our presentation given with Dept of Civil and Environmental Design PhD researchers on Structural Design. Presentation/Powerpoint (only 4 minutes): Location: at the City Hall at 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA When: 7 PM, Jan 19, 2016 At the City Council Meeting, we’re presenting to request for pre-discretionary fund $250,000 and to receive the Chancellor-Community Partnership Grant $50,000. We’re looking for a partnership with alumni members and graduate and PhD Students for internship and research on the landslide and structural design for the earthquake-susceptible project such as for Berkeley Rose Garden and Tennis Courts (2,500 roses with 13 or so patent roses and fallen and cracked retaining walls and tennis courts in the landslide zone) in North Berkeley Hills located at 1200-1300 Euclid Ave in 1.5 acre park and vacant land. Bernard Maybeck was the one who influenced on the overall design and the construction was by the federal Works Administration Program (WPA) during the Roosevelt’s New Deal Economic Depression Era. Deadline to submit the partnerships is Jan 18, 2016, and Chancellor’s Funding department will contact us during the time between Jan-Feb to determine on the grant funding. Please visit our website at Email: See you soon. Go Bears, Ms. Pil Lee Orbison, class of ’97
Boalt is thrilled for this well deserved appointment. Cloey is a visionary leader and a terrific friend of the campus.
Please note the change of the City Council Meeting of Jan 19, 2016 to accommodate a larger crowd as follows: Longfellow Middle School Auditorium, 500 Derby Street, Berkeley, Ca 94703. Please come prepared to ask lots of questions and we’re looking for a internship program as part of the design and engineering partnership project also with UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dept of Landscape Architecture, and Dept of Architecture… Go Bears, Pil Lee Orbison, President/CEO/Founder, nonprofit 501( c )3, since July 2013
New Meeting Location/Corrected on the address for the upcoming Presentation at the City Council Meeting to a larger auditorium for an anticipated larger crowd: 1500 Derby Street, Longfellow Middle School, Berkeley, Ca 94703 (not 500 but 1500). City Council Meeting, Jan City of Berkeley Agenda Action Item #32, titled “request for Pre-Discretionary Funding allocation request for community based nonprofit with a consortia agreement (City of Berkeley, UC Berkeley Academic and Research and internship programs, and Bay Area Diversified Tennis Foundation) See you then. Pil Orbison, CEO/Founder/President UCB CEE, presentation led by Dr. Shakhzod Takhirov
Congratulations to Clothilde ‘Cloey’ Hewlett on her appointment as the new executive director of CAA. This is a highly reputable post and she’s best fills the role for the job. Who better take this position of Executive Director of CAA than the ‘Most influential woman of California herself”.
This is a well earned, and well deserved appointment. The alumni, current, and future students at CAL will benefit from Cloey’s experience, abilities, commitment to the cause, and her caring for the University. The CAL Alumni Association has certainly picked a winner!
Congrat! to Clothilde ‘Cloey’ Hewlett on her appointment as the new executive director of CAA. This is a highly reputable post and she’s best fills the role for the job. Who better take this position of Executive Director of CAA than the ‘Most influential woman of California herself”.Most wishes from,You are expected to do great works
Please keep me posted on Alum news and about upcoming Big Game tailgate and rally. Go Bears, Pil Orbison

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