Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief Efforts

On August 25, Hurricane Harvey landed, forcefully hitting South Texas, Louisiana, and the surrounding areas. On September 9, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida and continues to cause devastating amounts of rain and flooding there, as well as South Carolina and Georgia. Both storms have left behind huge swaths of destruction in their wake. To our Cal alumni community and friends in the area who have been affected and suffered loss and damages, you are in our thoughts. 

For those who would like to support emergency and rebuilding efforts, we encourage you to donate to organizations that are able to assist on the ground, as well as ones that will help rebuilding efforts once all the initial water subsides.

Hurricane Harvey relief organizations include the following:

For general relief:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation)
American Red Cross
United Way

For food banks:

Houston Food Bank

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

Feeding Texas

For displaced animal assistance:

Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Houston Humane Society

San Antonio Humane Society

Hurricane Irma relief organizations include the following:

For general relief:

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund (through GlobalGiving)
American Red Cross

For displaced animal assistance:

Best Friends Animal Society
South Florida Wildlife Center

For more information about our alumni chapter in Houston, please contact our Alumni Chapters team.


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