You Know You’re a Lair of the Golden Bear Camper When…

If you’ve ever spent part of your summer at the Lair of the Golden Bear, you know the Lair is so much more than just your typical summer camp—it is a community of friends and families who gather yearly to catch up, create new memories, carry on traditions, and unplug from the rituals of everyday life.

The phrase “home away from home” truly does encapsulate life at the Lair. There is something about the comfortable familiarity of spending day in and day out among pine trees, eating in the rustic dining hall, and sitting by the campfire that draws people back to this special place every year—and makes them feel a sense of “homesickness” upon returning to their homes away from the Lair.

Not everyone is lucky enough yet to call themselves a Lair camper, but if you’re one of the many people who calls the Lair your summer home, you know there are certain things only other Lair campers understand.












Photography: Jessi Page, Kenneth Macaraig, Nancy Rubin, and Angela Lang.

by Kiley Treacy


we are bringing a friend……you forgot KK.
Wow.. Nice photos.
You know you’re a Lair camper when you bring old clubs for Lair Golf - go Gold 9th Week!

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