The Power and Value of “The Brand”

These days you hear a lot of people talking about the power and value of “the brand.”

As a 20-year veteran of the advertising industry, I’m well acquainted with brand strategy and the critical role a well-managed brand can play in building positive awareness, preference, and advocacy among customers, constituents, and ambassadors. Here at Cal, we pay a great deal of attention to the ways in which our very unique University brand is conveyed and how our story is told.

The UC Berkeley brand is synonymous with global impact, social change, intellectual discovery, academic accomplishment, comprehensive excellence, tradition, diversity, pride, and tolerance for individual expression. I’ve always been proud of these values that define our Cal. Indeed, these are the values and characteristics I focus on when I visit with alumni, parents, and Cal students. However, there is one other critical characteristic which best differentiates the Cal brand—All of Us. The Cal community is the secret sauce in our world-famous brand!

As we all know, our Cal community is unlike any other. Sure, there are other top-ranked schools with great traditions of accomplishment. And yes, there are other alumni networks with pride for their alma mater. But there is truly a special degree of passion, pride, and loyalty among Cal alumni, students, parents, and fans. Maybe it’s because we grew up on a university campus that exposed us to a rich variety of compelling opinions and ideas. Perhaps it’s because no matter the ranking of our teams, we still scream “Go Bears!” at the top of lungs. Or maybe it’s because whenever we meet someone who went to Cal, we are always impressed. The fact is, our Cal community and the passion we have for this University are the driving force behind Cal’s “Global Super Brand” status.

As an alumni community, we are the greatest advocates and ambassadors for all that makes Cal world class. Together, we are the most dedicated investors in Cal’s future. Together, we inspire current Cal students to share our pride and passion. Together, we share the benefits of a Cal education. And together, we keep the Cal brand Golden!

Go to and find out how you can advocate and support Cal today.

Fiat Lux and Go Bears!

Jefferson C.M. Coombs,
Executive Director Cal Alumni Association


I love the message above from our Executive Director! Brilliant description of the Cal “brand.” Jefferson Coombs nailed it, and is doing a fantastic job as E.D. We are in very good hands as an alumni association. Moni T. Law, Class of 1982 Go Bears!
This is the best post I’ve ever read about the “Power of a brand” I’m working for the a top brand “a href=”>dubaiposter in the U.A.E and you don’t think of how it is important to make your brand outstanding.

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