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We have many kindred memories of Cal, such as lounging on Memorial Glade with friends or eating Top Dog. We each have experiences from Berkeley that are just ours. Whether you once ran to class in your slippers to make it to a final on time, or met your college sweetheart handing out flyers on Sproul, each of us has special memories from our years at Cal that made our Berkeley experience unique.

We invite you to share a brief memory from your time at Berkeley through our storytelling platform. Your voice recording may even be selected to feature in a visual adaptation! Let’s get the nostalgia rolling and share some Berkeley memories with our fellow Bears.

Share A Memory

Our storytelling platform will ask you to record a short memory. You can choose to record a memory on one prompt or all of them. These prompts include:

Tell us about a specific memory with a favorite professor that you’ll always remember.

Tell us about something that happened at Berkeley that inspired you.

Tell us about a place on campus that has a special meaning for you.

Describe a time you felt 100% “Berkeley”.

We look forward to hearing all of these oh-so-Berkeley memories and sharing them with the alumni community.

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One of many memories I had was of Zoology professor Eagen. I did not take a class from him, and in fact I had never heard for him until he was a guest speaker one night when I was living in Bowles Hall (Sophomore year 1975-76). Professor Eagen was well known (except by me up to that point) as speaking on a particular subject while dressed and acting the part of a historical figure. That night he appeared as the Civil War Union doctor who utilized an unusual healing of a wounded soldier to advance the knowledge of the human digestive system. That wound healed transparently, and thus the Dr. was able to view the healed soldier’s interior and document his findings. Professor Eagen not only dressed in Union Army military uniform, he spoke in an accent and time dated dialogue to explain the whole scenario. Soon after that presentation, Professor Eagen retired, which denied many, including me, to enroll and experience his class. Fortunately, that night at Bowles Hall I was able to do so.
One of fun memories is of my music Professor John Thow. When I left a voice message that I was getting Kate to his lecture, Professor Thow would sit on his piano bench until I dashed into his lecture room. I made other classmates envious because I was one of the enthusiastic students that learning something new about that musical building block in harmony class that nourished my appreciation for music and singing.
Silly, silly, silly, but it really happened in front of the Sproul Hall steps. We smoked banana peels! Excuse my silliness please because Cal actually changed my life and got me into the Peace Corps to Togo, West Africa, and then to rural California where I taught in a Summerhill based commune school in Mendocino, CA. I have stayed in Mendocino since 1970.
False impression of one self as usual. Envy is a term described of longing of another individuals qualities. Mental illness, vexatious litigance, exposure of one’s private parts, harassment of city council, failure, whistleblowing, criminality and doxxing are not characteristics to be envied of. False impressions and hilarity.

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