New: Cuba, February 2012

Cal Alumni Association has just received a license to operate people to people educational exchanges to Cuba. Exact dates and trip details are still pending as we are in the early stages of trip planning for this exciting new destination. Please sign up if you are interested in being among the first to receive more information about visiting Cuba. Sign up »


I would love to visit Cuba and experience the culture and historical aspect of the country.
Please send me any information about a trip to Cuba.
I am interested in the Cuba 2013 trip advertised in the May 2012 brochure. Can you please send additional information? Thanks.
I am interested in the upcoming/pending trip to Cuba scheduled for Nov 2012. Please keep me posted.
I would love to be on the waiting list of going to Cuba, do you think this will occur in 2013? If yes, please put two of us on the waiting list. Thanks, Susie & Bob
We haven’t seen a brochure. We would be interested in ANY upcoming trip to Cuba. Anything for December of this year?
Thank you all for your posts. At this point we are waiting to hear if our license has been renewed. We cannot do anything until we renew our license. If you have requested a brochure we will email you as soon as we have more information. We will update the website and all those who have requested information as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I assure you we are as anxious to pass along the information as you are to receive it.
Please send me brochures for 2013 trips and put two on wait list, Thx John Schwabacher Madelene Wong
Still very interested.
Please let me know when you have the details worked out for the February 2013 Cuba trip. I’d really like to go on it. Thank you.
Please let us know when a trip to Cuba is worked out. We are interested in going.
Hi, If you have a new brochure, please send me one (email will do). Thank you so much! Still want to go
any more development on Cuba trip? Please let us know.
No updates. We have to submit further information to renew our license and hope to hear soon. As soon as we have any updated information we will be updating the website and alerting travelers. Thank you for your patience.
Have you set dates for a trip to Cuba?
Thank you for your comment. We are still in the process of renewing our license. We are unable to move forward with trip planning until we get our license. Please add yourself to the brochure request list to be notified as soon as we know further details about the trip. Thank you for your interest in our travel program.
yes please keep me posted. I am retired and would love to be on this trip.
Please send me information about the Cuba tour when it has dates and/or a wait list. Thank you.
I look forward to hearing from you. John Dorey
Thank you for your comments. We are still waiting to hear if our license has been renewed. This has been a long process and we are just waiting. If you request a brochure we will be certain to email you further information once we have any to give. Thank you for your continued interest.
We are pleased to say that the Cal Alumni Association’s license to offer people to people trips to Cuba has been renewed.
We are interested in a trip to Cuba in 2014
We are offering a people-to-people exchange to Cuba in February 2014. Details will be online shortly. Thank you for your inquiry.

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