Traveler Review: 2010 Israel & Jordan Trip

 We had a wonderful group of 25 Cal Discoveries Travelers journey to Israel & Jordan earlier this year (March 12-24) accompanied by our lecturer Paul Hamburg. 

Here are a few great comments from our travelers after their return:

“…the trip was wonderful, I enjoyed it immensely. We made a lot of friends that I hope we can continue friendships with.” {Ellen D.}

“For us, it was standing at Hadrian’s gate in Jerash and seeing one mile of Roman columns still standing and in very good condition.” {Russell J. & Carolyn H.}

“Very worthwhile, even though we had been to Israel before. Good balance of history and culture.” {Alan K.}

“Our trip went by in a flash and provided memories for a lifetime. Well done Cal Discoveries.” {Ken S.}

{Photo credit: Kenneth S. group photo in Petra}


Israel tall and magnificent buildings, delightful.
Nice trip, have fun every day.
Nice trip and all people are lucky who are seeing the historical sites. God bless them.
Sounds as if it has been a great trip. israel is so beautiful! Best wishes, Fahrrad
OMG… i love that place….all that history…
It sounds as though you had a wonderful time. Israel has always been a dream trip of mine. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling but have yet to make it there. It’s a place of such rich history, and since visiting areas of historical interest is one of my favorite things to do on a trip, I look forward to going there with great anticipation. Dan
wow im so jealous i loved Israel it was so amazing when i went there i was not expecting it to be so old!
Great trip. Someday may be I will get a chance for this trip too.
Wonderful trip! I’m looking forward to flying over there next Spring.
great trip. i want to visit Israel on day.
nice trip… I hope to visit israel some day to.
Hi, This is great! I’m happy to see students gaining travel experience and learning about other cultures first hand. I actually work for CheapOair and would be more then happy to offer a future class tickets with a group discount for everyone. Let me know if this would be of interest to you… send me an e-mail: gchristodoulou (at) cheapoair (dot) com
It will be a dream come true to visit the Historic Israel country one of these days. See how gigantic those buildings are
Great photo - looks a bit weird having a CA banner with that backdrop.
WOW, this place must be in my listing to go if i have an opportunity.

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