Alumni Philanthropy Contributes to the Excellence of Cal

Cal students prefer to be in class as often as possible—at least that’s what it seemed like on Cal Philanthropy Day. The yearly event organized by CAA’s Student Alumni Relations Council (SARC) publicized the fact that classes would have ended on November 8 without private donations to Cal. Student volunteers descended upon the campus before dawn to post lawn signs that read “If it weren’t for donors like Cal alumni, today would be the last day of the semester.”

“By educating the student body about how important alumni donations are to Cal, we are adding a new angle to the current debate about University funding sources,” said Anita Poon ’13, SARC’s executive director. In addition to a speech on Sproul Plaza by ASUC External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman, SARC offered students the opportunity to express their gratitude to alumni donors by making a video testimonial or signing a 6-foot-tall Thank You card.

Thanks to CAA’s close relationship with SARC, students also had the opportunity to register for the Cal Advocacy program. “After learning that alumni philanthropy currently surpasses yearly state funding, students felt motivated to advocate for change with our legislators,” said Poon. According to SARC volunteers, every single student who participated was surprised and inspired after learning how important philanthropy is to the excellence of Cal. Summarizing the day, Poon said, “We’re showing current students what we all should aspire to be like as alumni.”


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