The Cal Alumni Association Announces the Retirement of Executive Director Tuck Coop

Today the Cal Alumni Association of the University of California, Berkeley announced that its executive director, R. Tucker “Tuck” Coop, will retire by the end of the calendar year. The association’s Board of Directors plans to engage in an executive search to fill the position. Coop, who will assist with the transition, spent eleven years at the Cal Alumni Association, first as director of CAA’s Lair of the Golden Bear, a summer camp in the Sierra Nevada, and for the past five years as the executive director.

“Tuck brought a new spirit to CAA,” said CAA Board President Alan C. Mendelson ’69. “His dedication to Cal runs deep, and his efforts toward working to serve the entire alumni community have been significant.” Remarks Tuck Coop, “The past 11 years at CAA have been incredibly interesting, challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding. I will leave this campus and CAA with a much broader and more profound appreciation for all that Cal is and for all that it promises to be.”

Coop, a graduate of the Class of ’67, was the Chairman and CEO of TRIAD Medical, a national healthcare company, for 20 years prior to joining the staff at the Cal Alumni Association. When TRIAD was sold in 1998, he went into semi-retirement until the opportunity to direct the Lair was presented. As the director of the Lair, Coop was the primary driver behind crafting the Lair Master Development Plan. This resulted in CAA’s investment of over $11 million in the Lair from 2004 through 2010 and the purchase of the nearby Pinecrest Chalet in 2009, offering our alumni an alternative housing arrangement with continued access to the Lair and the surrounding community.

As the executive director, he is credited with leading the effort to create and implement a four-year strategic plan, as well as with crafting a long-term financial sustainability plan for CAA. In addition, Coop worked to strengthen the senior management team by recruiting and hiring a new Chief Financial Officer, Chief Business Officer, Chief Marketing/Communications Officer, and Chief Development Officer. Coop played a lead role in launching CAA’s Equity Scholarship program and in supporting CAA’s efforts to advocate on behalf of our alumni in support of UC Berkeley and the UC system.

A lifelong Lair camper, Coop first camped as a child with his parents and siblings, and continues to camp every summer with his wife, two daughters, and six grandchildren. Coop and his family moved to the Bay Area from Dana Point, CA, in February 2000. He and his wife, Nancy Coop, currently live in Piedmont, CA.

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