A Message to Cal Alumni Regarding the Tuolumne County Rim Fire

Dear Cal Alumni and Friends,

The Rim Fire, now burning in Tuolumne County, has unfortunately had an impact on the Cal Alumni Association’s two properties in Pinecrest, CA—Lair of the Golden Bear and Pinecrest Chalet.

Currently, our Lair camp properties and Chalet units are not in danger from the fire. However, the smoke and air quality at the Lair and Chalet are of serious concern. Considering that the Lair is an outdoor camp, we have made the decision to cancel our August 23 - 25 Oski Family Weekend, our Women’s Wellness Weekend, and our Sports and Recreation Camp at the Lair. The safety and comfort of our campers are our primary concerns, and we cannot risk either given the current conditions. We will be providing updates as we get closer to our upcoming sessions. More information about the status of the Rim Fire

The Lair and Chalet are near and dear to so many of us. I’d like to thank all of you for your understanding and support during this unexpected situation.

For more information:

For media inquiries, please contact Susie Crumpler at susie.crumpler@alumni.berkeley.edu.


So does that mean that the facility crew will also be relieved of being at work during this poor air quality time?
Only six non-youth staff are currently at the Lair. Two of these staff members are leaving today. The other four staff are awaiting word on whether the Sports and Recreation Camp will hold any of its session. That decision will be made later today. None of the facilities crew is at work today.
thank you for the reply
What’s the outlook for on the contra-dance scheduled for Sunday evening?
As of this point, is the Young Alumni Weekend still going to go on as planned?
Thank you for your inquiry. Due to the rescheduling of the Sports and Rec Camp session, we are unable to confirm that we will be offering the contra dance program at this time.
What about young alumni camp?
What about Young Alumni camp? Would you reschedule it or cancel it?
Thank you very much for your inquiry. While there are many uncertainties regarding the fire’s outcome, we are anticipating hosting Young Alumni Weekend as planned. We will be providing updates for you as the weekend approaches.
What about Camp Oski at Pinecrest, where our church group has a Family Camp on Labor Day weekend? Is the staff still there? or is the air quality a serious concern, also? Will Berkeley be deciding on Sunday whether that campground will be open or not? Since most of the campers are in tents on platforms, there is no protection from the smoke.
Likewise, we’re wondering about the Family Camp where we’re booked September 6-8. Please update at the earliest convenience. Hope all are safe.
Bad for the Cal Alumni Association
Thank you very much for your note. As of this morning, there are still many uncertainties regarding the fire and its impact in Pinecrest, but we are anticipating hosting the Sept 6-8 Family Weekend as planned. We will be providing updates for you as we get closer to the session.
Is the Church family camp still on for this Labor Day weekend at camp Oski?
Thank you for your inquiry, Mary and John. We will be making a determination about the status of the Wesley Methodist group’s stay on Labor Day Weekend by end-of-business Wednesday, August 28. Your group’s contact person will be notified and that person will be asked to share information with you.
I am relieved to know that the camp facilities have been spared. An official involved with the fire suppression efforts reported on KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny that the camps had burned. But I guess she might have been confusing the Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp with the Lair. While I am sad for all those who have precious family memories at BTFC, I am greatly relieved to know that the Lair has so far been spared. Great childhood memories at Camp Blue in the late 50s-early 60s.