Update for Cal Alumni Regarding the Tuolumne County Rim Fire

Dear Lair Campers, Cal Alumni, and Friends,

The Tuolumne County Rim Fire remains at 80% contained with a forecast of 100% containment by September 20. It’s clear this fire is not going away quietly, and so we continue to be very thankful for the amazing work of the firefighters and crews who are battling this blaze. The air quality in Pinecrest is still poor, though we’re hopeful in the days ahead that conditions will improve enough so we can reopen the Pinecrest Chalet.

We will continue to monitor the containment of the fire, and are posting updates on our Cal Alumni Association’s Facebook page and the Lair Facebook page.

We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and positive thoughts.

For more information:

For the latest from Rim Fire Incident Command

Latest news regarding the fire

For media inquiries, please contact Susie Crumpler at susie.crumpler@alumni.berkeley.edu.

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