Education Matters

UC Berkeley faculty and staff share books that have inspired, provoked, moved, and entertained.

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Wow, this is a great list, thanks for sharing these books. Everybody should have read ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’. Have a nice day, Lego Hero Factory
It’s great to read these book-recommendations. I am always curious. Thanks for posting! Best wishes and hope to read some more good stuff very soon! Ferienhaus Mallorca
I enjoy reading your post, cheers it is really informative.
This this recommendation list comes from no less than the” UC Berkeley faculty” I definitely believe that the books must be really worth reading. Again thanks and please continue to provide the recommendations in future too.
I will definitely make a point to read the recommended books. Thanks again
good to get ths recomandations better to read what other people suggest then u can be sure is good :-)
I’ve been wanting to read Three Cups of Tea for some time now. This has given me that push I needed to go and get it. Thanks

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