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Baseball Team, 1879

Here in the offices of California magazine, we have file cabinets filled with all manner of old photos from campus, even pre-dating the move to Berkeley. Many of the images are somewhat random and lacking anything much in the way of identifying information. Still, it’s fascinating stuff to look through (a bit like rummaging around in your grandparents’ attic), and we thought it only right to share some of it with readers. So here’s the first installment: The baseball team in 1879.

CAA Celebrates Its 140th Anniversary

Throughout the year, we will celebrate the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Cal Alumni Association, and with it, 140 years of alumni excellence and service to our alma mater and our global community.

The Alumni Association was chartered in 1872 by members of the University’s first graduating class with the purpose of “the promotion of good fellowship and kindly feelings among its members and the fostering of liberal and scientific culture on the Pacific Coast.”

Alumni Philanthropy Contributes to the Excellence of Cal

Cal students prefer to be in class as often as possible—at least that’s what it seemed like on Cal Philanthropy Day. The yearly event organized by CAA’s Student Alumni Relations Council (SARC) publicized the fact that classes would have ended on November 8 without private donations to Cal. Student volunteers descended upon the campus before dawn to post lawn signs that read “If it weren’t for donors like Cal alumni, today would be the last day of the semester.”

Chevron Corporation Funds The Equity Scholarship

A glittering Charter Gala 2012 shone even more brightly when Cal Alumni Association Executive Director Jefferson Coombs ’89 announced that in addition to being one of the event’s lead sponsors, Chevron Corporation made a $40,000 donation to The Equity Scholarship.

Travel Reception and 2013 Program Preview

If you are curious about learning more about our upcoming travel reception June 3, 2012 (2:30-4:30 p.m.) here are some questions and answers to guide you:

Q: What exactly happens at the travel reception?

Combined Forces Calling for Action in Sacramento

On the steps of the state capital, Berkeley students and administrators together take an heartfelt stance on publicly funded higher education. Watch the video below. We also invite you to share this important  message with your friends on Facebook.

A Message from Cal Alumni Association Executive Director Jefferson Coombs ’89

As you are aware, it has been a dynamic couple of weeks on our Berkeley campus. The “Occupy Cal” demonstrations have come with great passion, and we are proud of Berkeley’s free speech legacy.

We, at the Cal Alumni Association, are committed to keeping you informed about all University-related news and events. Our alumni of nearly half a million graduates represent a diversity of opinions and perspectives. While viewpoints may differ significantly across our community, we all share a dedication to Cal and its success.

Streets Alive! A Call for UCB Artists

Earth Island Institute, in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the City of Berkeley, is sponsoring Streets Alive!, a project to turn 60 utility boxes in downtown Berkeley into works of art. The Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund has provided funding to place artistic treatments expressing UC Berkeley’s visions of sustainability on seven utility boxes on the edge of campus.

New: Cuba, February 2012

Cal Alumni Association has just received a license to operate people to people educational exchanges to Cuba. Exact dates and trip details are still pending as we are in the early stages of trip planning for this exciting new destination. Please sign up if you are interested in being among the first to receive more information about visiting Cuba. Sign up »


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