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How One Lecture Is Influencing Glaucoma Research: Janey Wiggs ’76, Ph.D. ’81

By paying attention to what excited her, this clinician-scientist became a world-leading glaucoma genetics expert

Justin Hogenauer ’22: Different Platforms of Leadership

Justin Hogenauer ’22 isn’t certain how he ended up on-stage at the 34th Leadership Award Recognition Lunch this March. “As a freshman, sitting among people who were so much older than me, I remember thinking the entire time, ‘What can I share with these people that they don’t know or they haven’t heard before?’” he recalls. A student who comes from a single-parent home, Justin has a lot to share and offer to the community around him.

Meet Current Leadership Award Scholars

In 1934, as the United States reeled from the Great Depression, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) launched the statewide Alumni Scholarship Fund to pay for half the room and board of 26 students on the Berkeley and Los Angeles University of California campuses. Today the fund, under a new name—The Leadership Award—is the largest non-academic merit-based scholarship on the UC Berkeley campus.

Evangeline Ebeyer ’19: A Leader Among the Transfer Student Community

Evangeline Ebeyer ’19 knew since she was a little girl that she was expected to work hard. Her mother immigrated to the United States from Indonesia and became a computer programmer at the University of California Office of the President. Her father is a Marine veteran. Her maternal grandfather held a doctorate degree in mathematics.

Mikela Lazari ’20: Learning to Recognize Herself as a Leader

Mikela Lazari ’20 recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of her family’s immigration from Iran to the United States as Assyrian, religious refugees. Having lived in the Muslim country of Iran with her family, Mikela has many childhood memories of people pushing her to convert. She laughs now, as she recalls her “smart, sassy” responses to these suggestions, but the tension was undoubtedly a constant presence in her and her family’s life.

Saneeha Shamshad ’20: Expanding Access and Redefining Leadership

Saneeha Shamshad ’20 considers herself a “different type of leader.” When asked to elaborate, she adds, “I’m super quiet and I tend not to speak a lot.” The long list of extracurricular activities that Saneeha pursued in the past and continues to develop today, however, suggests that speaking up perhaps isn’t the best measurement of a person’s leadership potential.

Advice from UC Berkeley Commencement Speakers That We All Could Use

The big day is here. The sun is shining bright on Memorial Stadium, and nobody told you how hot you’d get under your black cap and gown. The air is buzzing with excitement, and you feel slightly overwhelmed. Although you sit in uniform attire with your peers, you know how differently Berkeley has shaped each and every one of you.

What Cal Alumni Are Saying about the Berkeley Food Bracket

For the past two weeks, our Berkeley Food Bracket has encouraged Cal alumni to vote to advance their favorite UC Berkeley-area local food establishments. Now, it’s down to the final two, and things are getting pretty contentious. Here’s what you should know happened in our Final Fork:

Vote for Your Berkeley Food Bracket Chompion

64 Berkeley food and drink establishments entered our bracket, but only one can be crowned the ultimate Berkeley food champion.

With the help of hundreds of UC Berkeley alumni, we’ve narrowed down these delicious rivalries to two final contenders who vie for the title: the Durant Food Court and The Cheese Board Collective

Komal Ahmad ’12: Feeding the World from San Francisco

At just two years old, Komal Ahmad ’12 had already decided: she wanted to become a doctor. “I thought that was the only way you could help people,” she remembers. Komal kept this goal close to heart throughout her childhood, even as she immigrated with her family from Pakistan to the United States.

When time came for Komal to go to college, she set her sights on Cal, fully intending to pursue a career as a doctor in the US Navy. The reality that Komal found at Berkeley, however, led her in a new direction.

The Final Fork: Cast Your Vote in the Berkeley Food Bracket

Since the founding of our university in 1868, bright, young students have arrived at UC Berkeley hungry for knowledge, learning, and—well—just hungry. With access to a multitude of food and drink options in the city of Berkeley and surrounding East Bay area, it’s no surprise Cal alumni can discuss the virtues of Berkeley’s food establishments with as much passion as we do our athletic teams.

Sweet 16: Learn More about Your Food Bracket Contenders

You voted in the Berkeley Food Bracket and we listened! To learn more about the restaurants, both old and new, that have made it into the Sweet 16, check out the list below. Even the biggest Berkeley foodie is sure to be surprised by the stories of these restaurants that have helped shaped Berkeley through the decades.

Centenarian Cal Alum Fredrika May ’41: An Eyewitness to History

War loomed, the Great Depression giving no relief to a worldwide economy mired in a financial malaise. Many Cal students were forced to leave the university, their education no longer affordable. But Fredrika May (née Doelker) ’41, known to friends and family as Fredi, dreamed of a law degree.


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