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Fiat Love: Cal Alumni Shine at 48th Annual San Francisco Pride Parade

Hundreds of Cal alumni, students, faculty, and friends turned out on Sunday, June 24, 2018 to march under UC Berkeley’s banner in the 48th annual San Francisco Pride Parade. For the second year running, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) partnered with UC Berkeley’s Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) to lead the university’s contingency.

Olympian in the Pool, Cal Bear Everywhere

By Courtney Cheng ’16

Ryan Murphy ’17 graduated from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business with a degree in business administration, but like many recent graduates, he’s not quite sure what he wants to do with his degree just yet. Luckily for Ryan, a 2016 Rio Olympics gold medalist, he has at least one other option lined up in the meantime. “For now, I’m focusing a lot on my swim career. My plan is to swim through 2020 and see where that goes. I’ll transition into a real job…at some point,” he laughs.

5 Questions for Lawrence T. Lohr ’92

Co-Owner, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

Q: When did you know that you wanted to be in the wine industry as part of the family business?

Creating Community at Cal and Beyond

By Courtney Cheng ’16

Michelle Kim ’11 came to Cal with a mission: to become a part of Berkeley’s history of political activism and social justice movements.

The Berkeley Experience: Learning to Make a Difference

Philip Lee ’82 was 14 when he immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong in the mid-1970s. His new high school classmates teased him, calling him Bruce Lee because of their shared racial background and last name, but Philip didn’t let this color his first impressions of his new home. “It was my first experience in America, so I didn’t know what to expect, nor think it was bad,” he recalled, “I was just so happy to be [here].”

Director’s Chair: Spring 2018

imageOn March 23, 2018, we commemmorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the University of California. As the UC’s first campus, UC Berkeley stands not only as a testament to our excellence in academics and innovation in research, but also to the university’s 150-year legacy of dismantling barriers to inclusion.

Berkeley to the Core: Memories of the Free Speech Movement

In honor of UC Berkeley’s 150th anniversary, we spoke with Gabriela Taylor ’65 about her experience at Cal in the 1960s during the Free Speech Movement. Her story honors the footprint this alumna, and many like her, have left on campus for other students to follow.

UC Leaders Respond to Governor Brown’s Budget Proposal

Governor Jerry Brown released his proposed $132 billion state budget on January 10, which includes a boost to University of California funding, but fails to meet all of UC’s needs. UC President Janet Napolitano and UC Board of Regents Chair George Kieffer issued the following statement on the budget:

From the Ocean Floor to the Forbes List

by Courtney Cheng ’16

“When I found out I was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, I was so shocked and really excited,” Amber Jackson ’11 enthused. “It’s such an honor. When I see the other people on that list, I feel very humbled to be a part of it because you have, like, a 17-year-old who just fundraised a million dollars,” she laughed.

A Message from the CAA President: Our Strategic Plan

Since its founding in 1872, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) has endeavored to connect Cal alumni with each other and our alma mater, UC Berkeley. 145 years later, CAA continues as one of the nation’s preeminent independent alumni associations, with a mission of engaging an alumni community of nearly half a million graduates.

Sharing Success Through Cups of Coffee

by Courtney Cheng ’16

Kateri Gutierrez ’14 was just a 14-year-old living in Lynwood, California, when she began to envision starting her own business. Once she took a trip to UC Berkeley campus through the Raza Center, her vision solidified and she became intent to SIR. “After having seen the business program at Berkeley, I wanted to apply to Haas [Business School],” she declared.

Finding an Entrance at UC Berkeley

By Courtney Cheng ’16

When David Joe Kim ’17 first heard that his friend, producer James Yi, wanted to call his new film “gook”, Kim was stunned. “You sure about that?” he’d asked Yi. “That’s derogatory!” Yi was insistent. In Korean, “gook” is the word for country. In English, the Korean word is used as a slur against East and Southeast Asian people.

What It Means to Be a Cal Alum

Every Cal student walks the Berkeley campus in the footsteps of their predecessors to receive an education that will grant them a spot in the university’s long-lasting legacy. As they graduate, each Cal alum leaves with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to build and create their own legacies.


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