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Announcing the 2021 Achievement Award Recipients

The Berkeley community is filled with people pushing the edges of what’s possible. We are honored to recognize the following recipients of the 2021 Achievement Awards. 

Candice Elder ’06 Takes Pride in Serving Her Local Community

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Cal alum Candice Elder ’06 has a background in law and philanthropy and uses it to serve her community every day. Elder is the founder and executive director of The East Oakland Collective, a nonprofit organization that addresses and focuses its efforts on racial and economic equity in East Oakland. She was appointed by the mayor of Oakland in November of last year to a new advisory commission on homelessness as the city’s crisis escalates.

Deary Duffie MBA ’84 Leads with His Whole Self

Mentoring and volunteering has always been second nature to Deary Duffie MBA ’84. The son of a US Army soldier, Duffie was born in the Pacific Northwest and has lived in Mannheim, Germany; Buffalo, New York; and Atlanta, Georgia. After his father retired, the family moved to East Oakland. During his corporate career, Duffie worked in Silicon Valley, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, China, and Italy. Now he spends part of the year in Tuscany.

Separate ‘Must-Haves’ from ‘Nice-to-Haves’

There is a sea of information out there about how to be successful and pursue the opportunities that best align with who you are. Career coach and Berkeley alum Joy Lin ’09 stresses the importance of being selective about what you want—the true mark of a highly successful person.

Meet the Cal Pride Scholarship Recipients for 2020–2021

The Cal Pride Scholarship is a one-year, merit-based award that recognizes sophomores, juniors, and seniors at UC Berkeley and incoming transfer students for academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement, as well as their contribution to the LGBTQ community. This scholarship is supported by Cal Pride, the LGBTQ alumni club of UC Berkeley.

Cal Alumni Give New Transfers a Virtual Welcome to Berkeley

Transfer students feel the pressure to set career goals as soon as they start at Cal. At the Alumni-Student Mixer during Golden Bear Orientation, alumni volunteered to help new UC Berkeley transfers feel more encouraged and less overwhelmed. This year’s diverse class of transfers includes first-generation students, student veterans, and student parents. “It’s always so great to interact with our amazing students.”

Getting Motivated During Your COVID-19 Job Search

Finding motivation during a pandemic is no simple feat. Many of us feel drained and exhausted from the monotony of sheltering in place, or feel discouraged to pursue our goals during times that seem so uncertain. Though we can’t predict when life will go back to normal, career coach Joy Lin ’09 has advice on getting motivated and job searching in 2021.

How to Navigate Feeling Lost on Your Career Path

Whether you’ve just graduated or have been in the workforce for decades, you may find yourself questioning if you are on the right path. You may have days where you wonder whether your career was the right choice for you, or whether you see opportunities for growth in the future. Feeling lost on your career path isn’t uncommon, so we spoke with career coach Joy Lin ’09 to find out what advice she gives individuals standing at this crossroads.

Founder Joy Lin ’09 Shares Her Path from Cal to Career

Have you ever found yourself wishing you knew how to be more successful? Maybe you’re trying to improve your networking skills, feeling a little lost on your career path, or suddenly navigating a job search during COVID-19. Career coach and Cal alum Joy Lin ’09 has you covered. We caught up with Lin for some of the most sought-after answers about networking, job searching, and developing habits for success. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share her solutions to feel more confident and assertive as you navigate your career path.

Networking Authentically

Love it or hate it, networking plays a huge role in the job search. 80% of jobs are now filled through personal or professional connections, and as many as 70% of jobs are not listed on public job boards. No matter how many networking events you’ve attended, networking can often feel cold and contrived, leaving you wondering how to connect more authentically—that’s where career coach Joy Lin ’09 can help.

For Nina Ichikawa ’00, Agriculture Is More than Farming—It’s Life

People of Japanese descent have a long history in the Bay Area—long enough that many consider themselves as American as they are Japanese. Fourth-generation Japanese American Nina Ichikawa ’00 makes that same assertion. Her family has been in the US since the late 19th century when they settled in Richmond.

A Berkeley Reading List for the Holidays (or Anytime)

There’s no better time than these chilly months to ensconce ourselves in comfy furniture with a book. After the year we’ve had, some quality time with a brilliant read is just what the doctor ordered. No matter what your genre of choice is, this list will hopefully introduce you to the book(s) that keeps you company during a holiday season unlike any other. Happy reading, and happy holidays from the Cal Alumni Association!

From the Executive Director: At the Forefront of Civil Rights

Women have long been at the forefront of civil rights.

As we commemorate the past 150 years of women at Cal, we are offered a chance to reflect on the legacies of resilient women who laid a strong foundation for UC Berkeley. Throughout our university’s history we find women leading us forward: teaching respect for human life, fighting for progress, and creating avenues for change.


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