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Casual Astronaut


How to Rock a Funky Story: Glynn Washington at the Lair

Washington is a longtime Lair camper and the creator, executive producer, and host of Snap Judgement, a radio show and podcast that offers a raw, immersive, and musical take on storytelling.

Kelley L Cox / Cal Alumni Association

Stellar Explosion and Exoplanets: Alex Filippenko at the Lair

“Some stars literally explode in a titanic act of self-destruction at the end of their lives, becoming some million or billion times as powerful as the sun,” Filippenko explains. “Exploding stars are not just spectacular to look at, but they’re important for our very existence.”

Courtesy of Uriel Rivera

‘Not Easy, Not Impossible’ Career Paths for Undocumented Students

“Things are not always going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean that they’re impossible,” says Uriel Rivera ’15.

Luisa Armijo
Alumni Chapters

More than a Mirage: Cal Bears Provide Real Community Support for Students in Coachella Valley

Being a new face in a big place like Berkeley can be overwhelming—but for one student, all that changed with one dinner.

Alumni Chapters

Offer: Accepted? Alumni Encourage Students to Choose Cal at Virtual “Yield” Events

At the close of Alumni Week, newly admitted students from all over the country came together virtually through chapter-led Yield events. During Yield, the Berkeley community engages with newly admitted students and helps them feel welcome at Cal so that they can feel confident in choosing UC Berkeley. Students participate in lectures and panels and attend department-led information sessions.


Seizing Life at UC Berkeley

When Amanda Pouchot ’08 attended Berkeley, it cost dramatically less than it does today. Now, soaring costs and curtailed state funding leaves Amanda wondering about future Golden Bears.

Ryan Fiorito / Cal Alumni Association

No Shortage of Laughter

TAAP Scholar, camp staffer, and student leader Emily Nodal works hard to make Cal more inclusive.

Image courtesy of Ockemia Bean

Honoring Nontraditional Routes to Success

A mother, first-generation college student, and transfer student, Ockemia is on a nontraditional route to success that has been full of twists and turns.

Illustration by Neil G. Ballard
Cal Culture

Where to Hike, Run, or Walk in Berkeley

By Luciné Jamkochian

Whether you’re near campus or planning your next return visit, relive your college days adventuring around campus and enjoying the views Berkeley has to offer.

Cal at San Francisco Pride 2018 | Image by Marcus Edwards

Five Moments of Pride for Queer Cal Alumni

Key moments in the advancement of equal rights, visibility, and representation for LGBTQ+ communities at Berkeley.

Eden Rushing / Unsplash

A Call to Action in Solidarity with Our AAPI Community

As leaders and members of UC Berkeley’s alumni community, we condemn the violent acts committed against Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders in Georgia, in our Berkeley and Bay Area communities, and beyond. 

Image courtesy of Emily Pilloton

Cal Alumnae Who Change the World

From trans activism to defending NBA players' rights and empowering women and girls to pursue STEM, Cal alumnae of all ages and generations have significant achievements that span throughout their lives and their professions. The women recognized in this list have pushed to reach the top, inspiring others to better the world around them.