Volunteer Code of Conduct - ACT Principles

ACT stands for: Ambassadorship, Conscientious & Considerate, and Teamwork.

The ACT Principles were designed to reflect the mission and values of the Cal Alumni Association (CAA). These principles aim to define a set of values that all CAA volunteers can adhere to. Alumni volunteers should serve as conscientious and considerate ambassadors of the University of California, Berkeley during their service. CAA wants to provide an environment full of teamwork and collaboration resulting in a positive experience for all. Every alumni volunteer with every CAA program is expected to embody and follow the ACT Principles during their service to the University and the Cal Alumni Association.


What this means at CAA:

  • The mission of CAA is to advance and promote the interests of the University of California, Berkeley. A key component of the mission is to act as ambassadors and advocates on behalf of the University.
  • CAA defines ambassadorship as positive representation of the University and CAA within your Cal community.

What this means for you as an alumni volunteer:

  • As an alumni volunteer and representative of the University and CAA, you are acting as an ambassador in all that you do.
  • While serving in your position with CAA, you are expected to adhere to standards that promote positive ambassadorship of the University at all times.
  • CAA’s Strategic Plan identifies being inclusive and inviting as a key component of ambassadorship. All alumni volunteers are expected to embrace this philosophy.


What this means at CAA:

  • CAA staff is committed to providing all alumni volunteers with clear expectations, quality training, and timely support to ensure your success while serving the University and CAA.
  • CAA staff will always be respectful of all alumni volunteers’ time and abilities.

What this means for you as an alumni volunteer:

  • CAA volunteers should be conscientious of their time commitment to the program and their fellow volunteers.
  • CAA expects alumni volunteers to be respectful and considerate when interacting with other volunteers, students, parents, campus staff, CAA staff and any other involved parties.
  • At times, you may be privy to various levels of sensitive information. As a volunteer you are expected to keep alumni and/or student data secure at all times. Breaches in the area of privacy and confidentiality are taken very seriously by the University and CAA with serious legal consequences. Please refer to the Data Management Protocol and Confidential Information Agreement for more information.


What this means at CAA:

  • CAA will foster a collaborative and supportive environment with and among all alumni volunteers.
  • CAA will be inventive, resourceful, and responsive in the provision and creation of resources for all alumni volunteers.

What this means for you as an alumni volunteer:

  • CAA understands that you have a life outside of your volunteer responsibilities. If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitments with CAA, please communicate this to your CAA staff or volunteer contact promptly.
  • Depending on your role as an alumni volunteer you will be receiving periodic communications from CAA and from other alumni volunteers. Please be respectful of the team’s efforts and provide responses in a timely fashion.


CAA reserves the right to disengage with any alumni volunteer at any time who does not adhere to the ACT Principles or whose actions may not be appropriate for nor aligned with the mission or the goals of CAA and/or CAA programs.

Should alumni volunteers have a personal or professional conflict of interest arise when serving in their role, the CAA Program Manager/Director must be notified immediately.

Should alumni volunteers be approached by any media outlets, CAA requires that alumni volunteers preface any conversations with the fact that they are not an employee or representative of the University or CAA. If the volunteer is uncomfortable with speaking to the media or the media outlet wishes to speak with an official representative of the University or CAA, we ask that volunteers direct them to email volunteer@alumni.berkeley.edu and we will connect them appropriately.

Verbal and written communications between and among CAA staff, alumni volunteers, students, parents, campus staff, and community members should be respectful, positive, and constructive.

Any communications that are hateful, threatening, harassing, libelous, pornographic, incite violence, contain nudity, graphic or gratuitous violence, or unbecoming of a CAA ambassador will result in immediate dismissal and disengagement.