Online Alumni Community Application

Alumni wishing to connect with fellow alumni in their regional area or area of special interest, but who do not wish to become a CAA Chartered Alumni Chapter can form an Online Alumni Community. This is a more informal way to connect with alumni in your area of interest, and can be as simple as creating a Facebook page or group. Online Alumni Communities can host local events and provide opportunities for alumni to connect to one another and stay engaged with the University. 

An Online Alumni Community can apply to become a Chartered Alumni Chapter at any time.

We ask that any alumni interested in forming an Online Alumni Community follow the three steps outlined in this application.  

Step 1 - Responsibilities and Benefits
Step 2 - Application Timeline
Step 3 - Application

The Alumni Chapters team is available to answer any questions -

Step 1 - Responsibilities and Benefits

Before applying to become an Online Alumni Community with the Cal Alumni Association (CAA), the Alumni Chapters Staff asks that any interested alumni familiarize themselves with the following documents and resources to ensure Online Alumni Community volunteer success and alignment with CAA mission and goals. 

Volunteer Handbook »

Mission and Goals of the Cal Alumni Association »

The following are the benefits and responsibilities of an Alumni Community with CAA.  

Online Alumni Community Benefits:

  • Online Alumni Communities will be listed on the CAA website and linked to the Online Alumni Communities’ external online presence (e.g., facebook page).
    Online Alumni Community listings will include this notation: “This community is created and organized by Cal alumni and is not a CAA Chartered Alumni Chapter.”
  • Online Alumni Communities​ will be provided access to one email blast per 12 months to relevant alumni in your designated community (as data is available). The email message must be approved by CAA in advance. Email blast requests require up to four weeks to process. 
  • When appropriate, CAA may highlight an Online Alumni Community in our marketing communications beyond the website presence. (e.g., California magazine, The Cal Connection e-newsletter).
  • CAA will provide each Online Alumni Community with a staff liaison to support the benefits listed above. 

Online Alumni Community Responsibilities:

  • Online Alumni Community​ primary contact must be a Cal alumnus/a.
  • Online Alumni Community​ must have an external online presence to allow for alumni to connect to one another.
  • Online Alumni Community​ must have online activity from its members at least every three (3) months.
  • Online Alumni Community content and language on the external online presence must be appropriate and follow the CAA Community Policy Code of Conduct and the CAA Volunteer Handbook.​

Other Policies:

  • The benefits and resources outlined in the Alumni Chapters Manual do not apply to the Online Alumni Community program. 
  • The submission of an application does not guarantee the acceptance into the Online Alumni Community program.
  • Applications for Online Alumni Communities that serve the same community of an existing Chartered Alumni Chapter and/or Online Alumni Community or that serve academic departments/colleges can not be considered. Please be sure to review our list of current Chartered Alumni Chapters and Online Alumni Communities.
  • Applications for Online Alumni Communities that serve an international community can not be considered by CAA - international alumni chapters are housed under the International Relations department

Step 2 - Application Timeline

Starting and running a successful Online Alumni Community requires time, commitment, and innovation.

The Alumni Chapters Staff takes the application process very seriously. We know how much time goes into starting a new Online Alumni Community. We dedicate the time needed to review each application to determine if the proposed Online Alumni Community is a good fit for the Alumni Chapters program and the Cal Alumni Association.  

Application Timeline

Application Submitted

  • Alumni Chapters Staff review application 
  • 2 weeks   

Phone Interview with Contact Person

  • Phone interview conducted with contact person to ensure alignment and program benefits and responsibilities
  • After application is reviewed   

Final Decision

  • Alumni Chapters Staff provide a final decision
  • 1 to 2 weeks after phone interview is completed

Step 3 - Application

Please compile the following information before starting the online application.

The Alumni Chapters Staff has created the following “guide” to make it easy for you to compile all the needed information for the application:

Online Alumni Community Application Guide »
This document will provide you with a list of all the information you will need to complete the online application. 

Completing of Application
The online application is not able to save your work - please be sure to use the guide provided above to prepare your information ahead of time.  

Online Alumni Community Application »