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Solar Harmonics

March 16, 2021

Alumni Benefit

As a Cal Alum, you can go solar for your commercial building, and we will do your house for free (almost free…certain conditions apply).

Cal Alumni have access to their own Cal Alumni Solar Specialist, Griff Adams ’74 who can answer any questions about the solar process, incentives, timeline, financing, etc.

Going solar can be a daunting and challenging process, but Solar Harmonics handles all of the paperwork and PG&E to make it a smooth proces.

Cal Alumnus Bert Inch ’79 (TransPak – Global Provider of Crating, Packaging and Logistics) on Solar Harmoncis:

“Solar is a no brainer for commercial buildings. We are on our 3rd commercial project with Solar Harmonics and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Unfortunately, we had to learn the hard way by doing our first project at our San Jose facility with a company that promised our entire electricity bill would be eliminated by going solar. That company is no longer in business (they advertised on TV all of the time), and we were left with a staggering electricity bill. We completed our first project with Solar Harmonics back in 2017, just started a new project today in 2021 to expand the original project, and we plan to expand the solar project at our San Jose facility this year as well.

Because we learned that solar is an investment and not an expense, we chose Solar Harmonics because they do not use the least expensive solar panels and least cost installers.  We know that when we partner with Solar Harmonics, they have selected the best value equipment with the best trained installers, and they are nice people too! From Griff (our dedicated Cal sales manager) all the way to Bryan (installation foreman) the entire team at Solar Harmonics is on time, on budget, and always delivers.

In this insane time for any business that has a roof (or parking lot) and an electricity bill to not look at going solar, you are doing a disservice to your owners, investors, employees and the public. With everything else going up in price, we are very happy we found Solar Harmonics to reduce our electricity costs, federal tax bill and do our part for the environment (which our employees and customers really appreciate!)”.

Call Grif Adams ’74 at 510-479-3262 to get a free online estimate in process for your building and home!