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Uniform Teeth

January 14, 2020

To Receive the Discount

  1. Book your free consultation online at Uniform Teeth
  2. Choose “Other” when asked “How did you find us?”
  3. Type CALALUM in the box next to “Enter how you found us”

About Uniform Teeth

Uniform Teeth is a tech-enabled modern orthodontic practice that delivers a high-quality patient experience at an affordable price. With their patented technology, Uniform Teeth’s expert orthodontists can make exact and efficient teeth movements 2x faster than Invisalign. In addition, Uniform Teeth reduced the number of in-person clinic visits with their user-friendly mobile app that enables mobile check-in with your orthodontist.

It is our mission to give everyone a healthy and beautiful smile at a great price. Come in for your free consultation with an orthodontist and learn more about our clear aligner treatment that costs 40% less than Invisalign.

We are creating healthy and confident smiles for patients in San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago:

Lower Nob Hill

999 Sutter St.

San Francisco, CA 94109

Financial District

605 Market St., Suite 1200

San Francisco, CA 94105

South Lake Union

1270 Harrison St.

Seattle, WA 98109


500 108th Ave NE, Suite 1710

Seattle, WA 98004

Gold Coast

11 East Cedar St.

Chicago, IL 60611

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