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Where Do We Stand on Title IX?

By Margie Cullen

Donna Seid ’76 never thought she’d play a sport in college.

Illustration by Ryan Johnson

40 Years Later, Officials Reflect on the Most Outrageous Football Finish

By James Rainey

The pounding on the door sent a shudder through the tiny locker room.

How Cal Golf Went From A Ragtag Team to the Top of the Game

By Scott Ball

Cal's masters of golf are leading the way. But it wasn't always this way.

After nearly being cut from the roster, the Cal Bears celebrate a historic comeback against the Baylor Bears in the 2011 NCAA Regionals. // Photo by Don Feria

Safe at Home! Remembering Cal’s Season on the Brink

Under darkened skies laden with humidity and sparked by lightning, Cal’s Devon Rodriquez slowly strode to the plate. It was June 6, 2011, the title game of the NCAA Baseball Regionals in Houston, the Golden Bears’ most crucial at-bat in their most dramatic of seasons—one in which the very existence of the team hung in […]

WATCH: The Dragonfly and the Hammer

The Edge Episode 9: You Say Couch Potato, I Say Athlete

How did video gaming, or esports, make it from your parents’ basement to the big leagues? Laura and Leah discuss with student esport “athletes,” an administrator, and a team owner.

From ESPN to the NBA, Black Alumni Have Made Their Mark in Athletics

For these athletes, Berkeley was just the beginning.

Forging Pathways On and Off the Court

A conversation with G League president Shareef Abdur-Rahim Former Cal basketball star Shareef Abdur-Rahim was named president of the G League, the official minor league of the National Basketball Association, in 2018. Per its website, the G League operates as a research and development laboratory to prepare players, coaches, and staff for an NBA career. Under […]

Image source: Illustration by Jacqui Langeland

Eddie Hart Almost Became the World’s Fastest Man

I found out very early on that I could run fast.

One Man’s Search for Baseball’s Underdogs

Of all the casualties of the coronavirus pandemic, the delay of the Major League Baseball season ranks pretty low on the list, closer to the cancellation of Coachella than the shuttering of all public schools. And yet for many people sports would have been the ideal distraction from the stress and uncertainty of the present […]

Image source: Gov. Gavin Newsom signed S.B. 206 into law, which once in effect by 2023 will allow student-athletes to profit of their name, image, and likeness. // Illustration by Phil Wrigglesworth

College Athletes Could Soon Cash In

A new state bill could be a game-changer for athletes, colleges, and the NCAA. IN NOVEMBER OF 2015, A FEW DAYS BEFORE the Big Game between UC Berkeley and Stanford, California State Sen. Nancy Skinner attended an Oakland Rotary Club meeting. That day, as it often does, the club was discussing athletics, and it had […]

Image source: iStock // Illustration by Leah Worthington

Editor’s Note: Show Student-Athletes the Money

Not everyone is on board. There’s money in college sports. Lots of it.  March Madness, the national basketball tournament, alone brings in more than $900 million annually for the NCAA, the nonprofit that oversees college athletics in America. And big-time college football generates even more revenue than basketball. The athletes who play these sports, however, […]