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The campus master plan

June 3, 2022
by Pat Joseph
Berkeley master plan (UC Berkeley Capital Strategies)

The campus master plan. Every university has one. It’s not so much a blueprint as an aspirational document outlining the vision for long-term development, taking into account everything from improved pedestrian flow and accessibility to student housing and sustainability issues. Berkeley’s 2022 Campus Master Plan—the first in more than 17 years—was unveiled in late March after approval by Chancellor Carol Christ. This rendering of the central campus highlights just a handful of the many developments envisioned in the updated plan, the complete version of which is available online at

  1. Removal of the seismically vulnerable Evans Hall would effectively restore the view west from Hearst Mining Circle to San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate. Where Evans stood, the Central Glade Overlook, a low-profile building with a green roof, will blend into the landscape. 
  2. The area between the current Evans site and Memorial Glade would become an “outdoor room,” featuring a plaza and terraced seating. 
  3. Strawberry Creek would be restored and enhanced with more accessible crossings, bioswales to capture and filter stormwater runoff, and new landscaping features such as terraced seating in the West Oval Glade. 
  4. The West Crescent would be redesigned to house below-grade parking. As elsewhere on campus, ramps would improve accessibility on steeper grades. 
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