UC Berkeley plant scientists, working with colleagues from the University of Illinois, have successfully supercharged the photosynthesis cycle.
A team of engineers called CalWave, working closely with UC Berkeley’s Theoretical and Applied Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, has developed a “wave carpet.”
UC Berkeley in the news this week.
The co-ops are a popular campus housing option—an affordable alternative to dorms, Greek houses, and private apartments. They also tend to attract the free spirits and nonconformists at a university famous for both.
Journalists covering the protests against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline have faced myriad challenges. Documentary filmmaker and UC Berkeley J-School alum Sara Lafleur-Vetter reveals what it’s been like for her to document Standing Rock.
A Cal associate professor of business and a former Cal Ballroom team coach show us their moves.
Many couples, like Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon, are turning to MDMA to enhance their relationships.
Encryption is for everyone—just look at American history.
Milo Yiannopoulos may have intended to out undocumented students at UC Berkeley. Does that change the debate about his cancelled talk?
The news from Oroville Dam on Tuesday is nominally better, but the situation at Feather River is by no means stable. In fact, the state may be teetering on the cusp of utter disaster.