July August 2008

Summer Sports Issue Features

Wolves in a Dogfight

By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Passing the Baton

It’s not their mom and dad’s NCAA. By Michael Taylor Read more »

Athletes as Aesthetes

And vice versa By Leah Garchik Read more »

Good News Bears?

There are more questions than answers about the Blue and Gold’s upcoming season, which isn’t to say it will be a bad one. By Matt Margolin Read more »

The Modified Man

Today’s athletes look perfect. What if they could be perfect? By Carl T. Hall Read more »

Planet of the Hominids

In Ethiopia, Timothy White and his colleagues have found some of our nearest relatives, and powerful evidence that we all come from Africa. By Jeffrey Klein Read more »


A Scanner Smartly

Researchers are learning how to “read” your visual cortex. By Kara Platoni Read more »

Don’t Walk, Run!

When marked crosswalks send pedestrians the wrong signal. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Going for Broke

Why we risk more when we lose By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Tracking a Killer

On the trail of Sudden Oak Death By Maianna Voge Read more »

Dirt Simple

The surprising health benefits of floors By Maianna Voge Read more »

Terrible Lizards, Better Birds

How birds are helping scientists understand dinosaurs By Erik Vance Read more »


Ambassador of Style

Youssou N’Dour continues to introduce new rhythms to world music. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »


Jungle metropolis

Manaus, Brazil, is Sodom to some, but one exile to its banks finds a beguiling mix of European elegance and tropical funk. By Kenneth Brower Read more »

Choosing to be Chosen

Religious leaders gather to challenge notions of “Who is a Jew?” By Don Lattin Read more »

Sather Gate

Maz Jobrani

Wisecracks in the war on terror. By Lygia Navarro Read more »