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Here in the offices of California magazine, we have file cabinets filled with all manner of old photos from campus, even pre-dating the move to Berkeley. Many of the images are somewhat random and lacking anything much in the way of identifying information. Still, it’s fascinating stuff to look through (a bit like rummaging around in your grandparents’ attic), and we thought it only right to share some of it with readers.

So here’s the first installment: The baseball team in 1879.

1879 Baseball Team


The current baseball team, by the by, is on a roll. The Bears are on a five-game winning streak that includes victories over #22 Stanford, #18 Arizona and 2008 NCAA champ Fresno State. The team heads to USC next. You can hear the games on KALX, 90.7, campus radio.



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Oh, 1879’s picture, young men.
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