Twain Rides Again

A century after his passing, Mark Twain is on the bestseller lists. Volume One (of three) of his Autobiography — a production of the Bancroft Library’s Mark Twain Project and Papers published by UC Press— is currently the bestselling book on both Barnes and Noble and Although parts of the autobiography have been published previously, the complete text has not been available until now.

The 100-year delay was deliberate. Twain feared that his candor would offend readers and might bring harm to his heirs. Even now, it’s easy to see why; in the memoirs, Twain is not only frank about such topics such as sex and religion, but even goes as far as calling American soldiers in the Philippines “assassins in uniform.” Not exactly supporting the troops, is he?

Last year, California magaazine was privileged to run two previously unpublished excerpts from the Autobiography as part of the Humor Issue. You can find them here.

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It was Twain that inspired me to become a writer. Tom and Huck had the spirit of adventure that lives in all boys and never fades. This is a collection I will treasure. I think it is time for a piece about Mark Twain on my Travel Blog.
I absolutely adored Huck Finn as a child and I always hoped to one day have adventures like he did. I’m now living my life with the spirit of Tom and Huck. Mark Twain’s travel quotes inspire me daily. I love him and I really need to read more of his writing.
Mark Twain will always be my favorite author. Tow sawyer and Huck Finn was my inspiration when i was growing up. The adventure of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer is every little boys’ dream.

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