I Just Don’t Get It: Why Do So Many People Treat Pets as Human Equals?

By Glen Martin

This rumination begins with a phone call from my brother, but it’s really about domestic animals, dogs and cats mostly, and our changing mores about them: How they are now viewed as peers and family members rather than pets, how we’ve come to define ourselves as their guardians rather than their owners, whether our growing obsession with them is somehow a simulacrum for the complicated and messy human relationships that formerly dominated our lives, and whether apotheosizing them somehow minimizes our sensitivity to human suffering.

But back to my brother. I got a phone call from him a couple of days ago. He is a person of a certain age who has had a colorful life. He served a stint in the Coast Guard, then 10 years as a cop, quitting the force after determining he neither liked nor respected his superiors; then he became a master trucker, driving triple trailers on the I-80 Reno to Salt Lake City run.  Several years ago, he enrolled in college, took his BA in education and obtained a teaching credential. He now teaches grammar school kids in Phoenix’s poorest and toughest district. He is a highly skilled machinist whose work has included beautifully customized—as in chopped –Norton motorcycles. He has been married four times. He is all over the map politically. He is laconic, though given to occasional scabrous and amusing outbursts. He has a sense of humor that is Sahara-like in its dryness. If I had to describe him succinctly, I’d say he is an amalgam of Hank Hill and Dennis Hopper. He’s a pretty tough guy.

I anticipated something dire. And when he said, “I have bad news,” I steeled myself.

He’s also my only sibling, and our connection is deep. So when I got the call, and the usual ebullience was drained from his voice, I was anxious. He seems to take a perverse delight in neglecting his health; his diet is horrible, he’s overweight, and he struggles with high blood pressure and a variety of other metabolic issues. I anticipated something dire. And when he said, “I have bad news,” I steeled myself.

“It’s Moose,” he said. “We’re going to have to put him down.”

Relief washed over me. Moose was his English springer spaniel. Actually, he started off as my springer spaniel. I’d bought him as a pup, thinking he’d be a good, smaller alternative to a Labrador as a retriever. He was, in duck-hunting parlance, extremely “birdy,” and I’d trained him casually, so he performed pretty well in the field. But like all well-bred springers, Moose had a lot of energy. He needed rigorous daily exercise, and a lot of emotional input. I bought him at a particularly busy point in my life, and I felt guilty that I wasn’t able to give him all the attention he both required and deserved. So when my brother visited one day, and he and Moose practically soul-kissed out of mutual attraction, it occurred to me that I shouldn’t stand in the way of a budding relationship. When my brother left in his pick-up, Moose was bounding joyously around the cab.

That was eight years ago. And whenever I talked with my brother on the phone, the conversation inevitably revolved around Moose. How he delighted in swimming laps all day in the pool during summer. His guilty demeanor when he peed in a corner of the kitchen. The way his flews quivered adorably when he anticipated a snack. The $10,000 required to surgically repair an arthritic shoulder.

 I screamed: $10,000?  I accused my brother of treating Moose like the son he’d never had. He didn’t deny it. And his wife, he said, was just as besotted with the dog. Moose was the sun, and they were minor orbital bodies, basking in the beneficence of his life-affirming doggy vibe.

So I commiserated with my brother as he mournfully described Moose’s moribund condition. I pointed out that all flesh is grass, that spaniel flesh is even “grassier” than our own, and that he had given Moose a lovely life, allowing him to live up to his full canine potential. It was time to let go and bid him a loving adieu.

Chokingly, my brother agreed. And then he said, “Oh by the way,” and described tests he had just endured that pointed to a malignancy that could well prove fatal. (Final results are pending.)

“So,” I said, “That’s the real story right? I mean, putting Moose down is sad, but what we’re really talking about are your medical tests, and that’s what has you worried. Because that’s what worries me.

“No,” he said, “I can deal with whatever they find. But I feel really bad about Moose.”

And I believe him; I believe that he is far more distressed about euthanizing Moose than the possible imminence of his own demise. Further, he’s no outlier. The animals-as-people meme is ascendant in our culture. Grief support sessions for deceased pets are as widely available as AA meetings. People talk about their dogs as family members. They die trying to save them from fierce surf or speeding cars or scalding hot springs. The Cat Lady stereotype is no longer risible because almost everyone who has a cat, it seems, is a fierce feline partisan rather than someone who merely “has” a cat. Pet health insurance is now widely available, which isn’t a bad idea, considering more and more people are opting for chemotherapy and open heart surgery for their lhasa apsos.

“People increasingly view their companion animals as valued members of their families because in every way they are,” says Kitty Jones, a spokesperson for the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy, a student government-sponsored group at UC Berkeley. “Our dogs, cats and other companions love us and we love them, we share our homes, our food and our lives with them. There is a growing movement for animals around the world that is shifting our culture and the way we regard other species. Our justifications for human supremacy and exploitation of other animals are running out.”

So in many ways, our pets are now—well, us. Not too many years ago, the vogue was Deep Ecology, the melding of human identity with the larger forces of nature. The problem now is that nature is no longer “large.” It is a series of disjointed remnants, and as people have shifted their focus from the smoldering ruins of the natural world to the crisp graphics shimmering on their various screens, the urge to conjoin is no longer so pressing. At the same time, our obsession with screens has made eye-to-eye encounters with other human beings difficult. Painful, even. How much easier it is to dote on our pets, which seem to love us unconditionally but which promote no demands other than a bowl of food and a brisk daily constitutional. Further, they are our last link to the natural realm; they remain in a state of furry innocence, so they make us feel real in an increasingly virtual world.

A 2015 Gallup Poll found that a growing number of Americans—almost one-third of them—felt animals should have the same rights as people.

Instead of merging with nature, then, we have forced the last vestiges of nature—our pets—to merge with us. Despite their lack of functional neocortices, pets are considered equals by increasing numbers of people. A 2015 Gallup Poll found that almost one-third of Americans felt animals should have the same rights as people, up from 25 percent in 2008.

“Just because cats, dogs, cows, pigs, and other animals were born in bodies different from ours doesn’t make then any less worthy of equal rights of bodily autonomy and freedom,” says Jones. “By rights we mean the right to be cared for and fed, the right to not be tortured, the right to be with their families, the right to not have their throats slit. Scientists have demonstrated that animals are intelligent and sentient, but more importantly, (they) are capable of suffering. In our ability to suffer and our desire to live and be free, we are all equals.”

In short, people don’t want to just romp on the beach with their pets. They want, somehow, to take it to the next level, to engage their dogs and cats as equals on a deeper emotional and spiritual (if not intellectual) plane.  Not surprisingly, American universities—including Cal, of course—are at the point of the spear for this movement. Berkeley now allows “support animals” in campus dorms, and there is wide agreement among students that warm & fuzzy critters can be essential to coping with the stresses inherent in pursuing a higher education. Numerous campus groups, including BOAA, are dedicated to animal care, animal activism, in short, anything and everything related to animals, which, from a practical standpoint, usually devolves to cats and dogs.

“I really do consider my cat a family member,” observes John Siano, a 19-year-old undergrad majoring in business administration and computer science and the graphic and technical coordinator for Paws and Claws of Berkeley, a recently-founded campus organization that provides students with opportunities to help animals in need. “I think one reason is that she vocalizes a lot. There are these different tones she uses, and when she jumps on my lap and meows, I feel like I’m really having a conversation with her. It would be hard not to be deeply attached to her. She’s a big part of my life.”

Siano regularly volunteers in animal shelters and outreach programs for pet owners, and he esteems Paws and Claws because it’s a social nexus, a place to meet other students who share his animal-centric interests. But he also takes pains to differentiate between four legs and two legs when it comes to quantifying emotion.

“If I lost my cat,” he says. “I’d be deeply depressed. I’d really hurt. But no, it wouldn’t be like losing a human being who is close to me. It wouldn’t be the same thing. I have a lot of videos of my cat, and I think that would help me through the pain. The good memories would help.”

A few hours ago, I received another phone call from my brother. He and his wife had just euthanized Moose. It was only the second time in my life that I’d heard a catch in his throat; the first was a few years ago, when he had been at my father’s death bed at the Phoenix Veterans Center. My father had been a survivor of the Bataan Death March and a POW, and when they draped a flag over his corpse and wheeled it down the corridors, the vets and active service members stood aside and saluted as the gurney passed. At that point, my brother said, he lost it a little.

“When they gave Moose the shot,” my brother said, “he totally relaxed, and I realized how much pain he was in.” He coughed, tried to continue, but couldn’t.

Shortly after we spoke, his wife posted news of Moose’s death on her Facebook page. Though her words were restrained, her grief was explicit between the lines, and she seemed inconsolable.

I have owned many dogs and cats, and I have loved them in a measured way, in a way that was not at all comparable to the love I feel for family or friends. I can’t feel for a pet the way my brother and his wife and John Siano feel for theirs. What I do feel is a bit alienated, somewhat out of touch with current norms. Somehow, I can’t think that it’s wholly salutary to lavish the same love, attention and resources on pets as, say, children. But I realize I’m not in the mainstream. If I were an animal other than a human being, I’d be an Apatosaurus plodding toward the tar pits. Pets, for better or worse, now rule.

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Are you implying that it’s bad to care for your pets? People love animals, since most of the dogs are loyal to their owners. They want to have a deeper connection with them, of course. Surely to the majority of the population, people wouldn’t tear over the death of a dog as much as a family member, but as I read this article, I feel like you’re saying that humans are still of greater rank than animals and we shouldn’t develop this relationship. Am I wrong?
I whole heartedly agree with you. Unlike the above poster I don’t think you are implying it’s bad to care for pets, but are acknowledging that many people are taking it overboard. Sacrificing the time and resources they otherwise would on human relationships. Humans are indeed of a greater cognitive ability and unlike a pet can reject you and point out your flaws, which I think is why people adore their pets. Pets seemingly exist to love and adore their owners back - they don’t know any better. Which in my view is extremely selfish. Breaking up a family, causing grief to the mother, so you can keep a member to make you feel good about yourself. In the process giving rise to pet stores, pet mills, caging, shelters, and thousands of homeless creatures.
The fact that you lack empathy and cannot form real bonds with animals does not reflect their inherent worth. Maybe there’s just something wrong with you. Animals have physical feelings and complex emotions. They have a deep capacity for love, connection, and suffering. Treating them like family members is just recognizing them for what they are: individuals with needs and rights. Our society has a long way to go in terms of recognizing that other animals also have these needs and rights, but cultural attitudes toward pets are a good thing- they’re a step in the right direction.
I completely agree. Society, particularly white people, have gone batshit bonkers over pets and treat them like humans. Its a mental illness in my eyes. Its way overboard. Ofcourse crazy people dont know theyre crazy, so they just get super defensive. Most of them dont even know that dogs are born with a taste for human corpses, and will eat you if you die alone with it, regardless if it has other food. Then when someone else comes along with backrubs and snacks, theyll be “loyal” to that person and forget all about you.
I agree with the article I thought perhaps there was something wrong with me. I am currently trying to rehome my DOG because my husband and I are expecting. In my post I shouldn’t have but did mention this is not a sad occasion because Bruce is simply a dog and we were having a CHILD. There was a hate comment saying, “I hope he does find a good home he should never be just a dog” as if I never took care of him, or groomed him a day in his life. Yes he is alive and it’s a dog. A pet. Not a person and I’m the bad guy for seeing that getting a puppy will never be the same joy as giving birth. I’m the monster because “they aren’t just pets” why are vet bills so high.. because people have so much “Empathy” I’d rather give money to a drugged up bum then a dog in some foreign county. They are only animals.
Read the last paragraph where he talks about how much he loves his pets, just on a different level than what he saw with his brother.
(didn’t clarify that was a reply to randompeeps)
Some people can wake up to the reality and society around us and see how human beings have devolved into judgemental unforgiving people who belittle you for who you are cause so much pain turmoil distress… and the fact that are many pet owners their pets are primary sources of comfort stress relief and healing which is the opposite of their human counterparts then maybe you will understand the attachment that people can have with their pets and why pets and many cases are more deserving of love and care then hertless humans
I totally agree. Dogs are dogs, not people and they should not be treated the same. Yeah, you love your dog, even though it makes ones house smell like a gas station urinal and craps all over everyone’s property and most don’t want to clean it up, go ahead and love your dog but humans should not be on the same level. Most houses I’ve been in that have a dog, NOT all but most, the owner has to put the dog in a room so it doesn’t go nuts all over people. I think they’re hideous, slobbering creatures that belong outside in the wild.
Angelique, I agree with you! Your child should be first and foremost. I’d get rid of the dog too! If anyone aims hate at you, just ignore it. They can’t get along in society so they depend on dogs for attention. Yes, we have a pet, (cat) and we did not acquire her. She was crying up at our house because some “lovely” pet owner abandoned her. After feeling sorry and feeding her, we are now morally obligated. Yes, we love her but I did not want anymore pets. I lived with dogs and I was good to a dog I lived with, gave him treats, love, reassurance when he was afraid of storms and the SOB tried to bite my arm off because he wanted to drink my coffee and I wouldn’t let him. I’m NOT a dog fan, never was, never will be. EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY commercial on TV has a dog in it. Makes me sick!
That’s right. Dogs are predatory animals and they DO turn on you. Pit bulls are banned in some states now after mauling innocent little kids and elderly people. The guy across the street from us got one, I’ll wager he never told his home owners insurance company he has it, because if he did, his premiums would go sky high. If I ever found out which company it is, I would, without doubt, blow the whistle because that awful, nasty mutt barks in the middle of the night. If he wants it, let him have it bark in his ear all night! I’m glad they don’t live as long as humans!
Jean, regardless of how you feel about another species…it is alive. Now people here discuss that humans are cognitively more aware and able and so are more worthy than animals? This is untrue just by fact. You can hate animals..but simply put science shows us that we had seriously underestimated their thinking capacity. Dogs are estimated to have the cognitive ability of a young child, they have emotion even though it is triggered differently and displayed differently. They still feel the physical pain they endure when struck or injured. This means a living thing is feeling pain, possibly intense, but much like a child in some situations are unable to understand why, assign it reason, or when it is going to end. So are you telling me they aren’t as capable, or that you just don’t care about them? Do you have no problem with suffering or only care when it’s people? By the way, the yes people are suffering everywhere but that doesn’t negate that it’s happening to animals and bar cats and dogs, humans are the only species who are continuing to grow while other species decline. Unless the poster would have been willing to put that 10 k to an orphan with a bum shoulder he bas no right complaining how his brother spends it. It’s nice to argue that these resources should be reserved for people,to but they aren’t being used for people. They’re being used for an individuals own children and not in efforts to end suffering worldwide or even countrywide. Most people don’t just shell out dough to charity… If a person both has children and pets, but consistently treat their children with less standards then that is a problem. Otherwise your inability to view importance outside of a human scope is ridiculous. By the way dogs don’t just eat corpses..that was a fluff article floating around on Facebook. It has happened because of instinct in some circumstances and in dog language is not disrespectful, it’s the opposite. They can miss people, as seen by the dogs who SELF MUTILATE after losing someone they bonded to. Also golden retrievers are a more aggressive tendencies breed. Pitbulls have muscles so dog fights fed them roids and bred some of them to fight, resulting in maladjustment. You know…because of the emotional trauma they are incapable of… happens with any breed dog that is subjected to that treatment, but the public has linked the pitbull with aggressive behavior because of the actions of people. And don’t respond with “oh well then why do I know someone who got attacked by a pitbull” because to this day many pitbulls are rescues from people who either used them to fight or expected them for protection and security. A pitbull born and raised in a loving home is less likely than many breeds to be aggressive.
One other comment angelique, I believe that you are trying to rehome your dog Bruce, because you want no distraction such to the praises you’re expecting with your new baby. Tell me, why was the dog accepted by two humans, yet when a third human enters the equation, the dog has to go. Look in the mirror and ask yourself is it not about you. Maybe the new child would marvel at the kind Ness and loyalty a dog can give.
It’s such a shame that it’s all about you.
Thank you Mary, yes I will do what I think is best for my family. My old boy was too rambunctious for a NEWBORN. I will put my child first not myself. I think a shame is how folks act like animals are people. In fact it’s almost sick to me, but I let it go because that makes them happy. I shouldn’t be shamed about wanting to rehome a dog to make way for a child, thats nuts.
There is something seriously wrong with you. Pets are family. You really don’t deserve to have a pet. There is something seriously wrong with you, if you do not understand this. I care for and love my pets, as much, if not more, than I love my family or anyone else. I have lost pets and losing a pet is definitely the hardest thing I ever have or ever will go through. They are family and we love them, if not we don’t deserve them. This article is completely insensitive.
Jean, Pitbulls are great dogs and are NOT naturally aggressive. Its some terrible HUMANS that make them this way. And wow not wanting dogs to live… thats really terrible. You are a horrible person.
Wow so I’m a bad mother because I feel an animal is that, an animal. That’s very hateful for someone who has the capacity to love an animal the way they do. You’re truly a great person. And the dog is in a good home I spoke with the family recently:).
I do agree to disagree though, please don’t punish people with your words because they believe in something different than you do, this is America after all. Especially when your talking about a woman and her child.
I think you answered it in your first paragraph. I love pets. I always have. I’ve had them in the past and hope to have them again. But I think people’s obsession with their pets has gotten out of hand. Still, I can see why people are so obsessed and attached. We live in VERY uncertain times. Every day, we read about a new company doing layoffs or going bankrupt, which has to instill a “Am I next?” fear in many people. With so much economic insecurity, people are probably less likely to make big life commitments (marriage and children). I know I want children, but not in a time of such uncertainty. To add to that, families these days tend to be scattered all over the place and friendships are often very circumstance based and end once the common ground is gone. For many of these people, their pet is probably the most stable thing in their life and the thing they feel they get the most love from, since they see it every day. So I understand why people, especially young singles, are so attached. That being said, I think the obsession with pets is out of control. Some of these people genuinely seem to think their pets ARE people. Yes, a pet can snuggle up to you and you can have fun playing with it, but it’s not capable of human thoughts, insights or conversations. Those “my children have four paws” bumper stickers make me cringe. Calling your pet your child is an insult to real parents. Like the author did, if you reach a point in your life where you can’t have a pet or if you decide having a pet isn’t for you, you can give it away. It’s not like that with a kid. Recently, I saw a post circulating on Facebook about a couple facetiming with their parents who were watching their “baby” at the airport and the baby turned out to be a dog. Most people commenting thought it was hilarious, but it made me cringe. Thinking that pets are humans is an insult to humans. Like I said, I get why people are so obsessed with their pets, but it’s gone WAY too far.
Forgot to say: if people don’t want to get married or have kids, they shouldn’t because that wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved. But don’t pretend your pet is something it isn’t.
“The fact that you lack empathy and cannot form real bonds with animals does not reflect their inherent worth.” Uh, since when did not forming a bond with a dog or cat equal a lack of empathy? I saw no mentioning in this article of the author wanting to hurt animals or abuse them, but no, animals are not humans and never will be no matter what traits we try and affix to them. “Maybe there’s just something wrong with you. Animals have physical feelings and complex emotions.” Complex emotions? Oh, please.
Angelique, I’m so glad that you rehomed your dog. He deserves a much better owner than you. To all the rest of you saying pets are not family, keep thinking that if you want. You’re the ones missing out.
Yeah I glad I rehomed my dog to I derserve a real family.
Sorry Liz can’t spell 9 months pregnant about to pop ….. you know, with a baby. I’m glad you have your opinion but don’t bash mine.
I respect your opinion. If you think rehoming your dog was the best thing for your family, then I have no problem with that. What I take issue with is your cruel, callous attitude.
I can understand that, I will try better to respect people’s opinions even though I don’t agree when they frustrate me by saying my child and pet are equals. I understand to some their pets are family. But I hate to be bashed because I don’t have the same out look it is just as hurtful.
Also look at the comment about how I’ll be a bad mother. If you want someone to understand your opinion try understanding theirs.
And to be quite frank with you. There are far worse comments than mine. So idk why everyone decides to attack me specifically but I mean keep it coming.
Dogs are pack animals and look on us as the pack leader. You form bonds with your pack, a relationship. That is why I respect the bond between a dog and a man. But the hateful attitude of of dog lovers is just disgusting, a human and an animal cannot be compared. We have souls, dogs do not. So do not treat a dog highly over a human. However that is not an excuse for the dog to be mistreated, find a balance.
I totally agree.. I took my dog in as a stray and he shares my life, my food and even my bed. He was dumped in Stratford some 1.5 years ago and seems to have never known love. Now, he does not leave my side and we love to play and just be together. I see him as my equal and took him into my home to be loved. An equal valued part of the family. He sleeps on my bed and even in my bed and we have a very close bond. It’s based on trust, security and love which is mutual. I took him in as an orphan and gained his trust through time, love and just respecting him. It’s a nonsense when people say dogs only stick around for food- my dog is not treat motivated at all and if you did not feed your kids and someone else did, then who in their right mind would stick around to starve to death? Really we are all animals. Just because a human being can read and write does not make them superior! Dogs love unconditionally and are not as neurotic and twisted as human beings. If they are aggressive or tormented it is often as the result of human tormenters and abusers who are inadequate and tortured souls who take it out on innocent souls. I have kids,. but my dog is family and has his own personality and is an equal in every way.
Pets are pets and NOTHING more. You can’t get angry because some people don’t like dogs or cats or whatever. I do not like either one and cannot nor will I tolerate them around me or my children. I don’t mistreat them but they are gross to me. Slobbering and licking and barking is disturbing to me. That’s my preference. That’s not wrong, its my personal feelings. Dogs are gross, period.
Humans ARE more superior to animals. We literally domesticated several SPECIES that, for the most part, literally cannot survive without us. We take care of domesticated and wild animals, feed them and care for them as family. Even if you love them it’s kind of silly to compare them to us in terms of “”“superiority”“”” Because in the end were above them. We’re top of the food chain not because of our physical bodies but the fact that our brains have evolved to be as large and complex as they are. We create cities, medicine to keep us and animals healthy, we write books, create morals, make beautiful art, TAKE CARE OF our animal friends in ways THEY can’t for us. We’ve been to space. Animals deserve to be free from torture and malicious abuse. But to say they’re on the same rank as us is silly.. our intelligence is what separates us from them. It puts us above and SHOULD mean that we use our smarts to protect the world. We can make the world amazing with our brains or we can fuck it up like we have been. No non human animal is capable of what we are.
Not to mention I’ve seen children playing with their own poop, eating candy off the public floor of my store, vomiting into a mother’s mouth because she raised the baby above her head, licking the till counter, licking the floor that hundreds of people walk on every day, licking the debit machine, trying to eat coins, eating dirt, eating sand, peeing in the open JUST LIKE A DOG, rubbing their snot all over their face/clothes, playing IN the toilet, eating bugs, the list goes on. Children are disgusting too. At least my cat shits in a box that I clean twice a day. Maybe a hairball once every three months. Kids are filthy and you’re crazy if you think that dogs are worse.. kids nastiness will give dogs a good run for their money. You ask people to respect the fact you don’t like animals yet you accuse people of doing things that you don’t like to be “mentally Ill” Hun no one is going to respect your opinion if you’re not respecting theirs, and going as far as to INSULT them. Very rude and narcissistic.
YES! This article is great, I have always had pets my whole life and I do love them. However Americas pet obsession has gotten out of hand. As a pet sitter I can 100% let any pet owner know that your pet is not as into you as you are into them. The whole obsession with dogs comes from their “loyalty”. One night with a clients dog and they are just as loyal to me. They follow me around everywhere and act as if I have been their owner their whole life. Except for a very rare few most dogs would follow anyone home and be just as “loyal” to them. People have begun anthropomorphizing their pets. Its so ridiculous because the same person who claims their dog “loves” them and feels “emotions” will laugh off their dog killing a squirrel. They will happily feed their “loving and human feeling” pet another dead animal. We scientifically know that out of all the species whales and elephants show more likeness to humans then dogs. Yet none of these dog owners give two shits about those other animals. Loving your pet is great but deluding yourself into thinking that they “understand” is ridiculous. The most disturbing video on Facebook showed a dog attack on a INFANT. Most of the comments were concern about what would happen to the dogs. People were defending the dogs as if dogs have any concept of whats going on. THEY ARE DOGS, they literally eat shit. So many people made the typical “humans are evil but dogs are pure” comment. If you as an adult human cannot understand and cultivate human relationships then you are emotionally stunted in some way. Shout out to dogs though for being able to take advantage of humans so awesomely. At the end of the day a dog is still an animal, not up util recently where they upheld as these great beings. By the way dogs only became domesticated because of FOOD. Don’t feed your “loyal” pooch for a day or two and see them throw themselves at the next person who has a treat. Thats why dogs win, they are pack animals, something humans should learn and put all that same obsession and energy into fellow humans. Your dog is not the same as a person and if you think that you should seek actual help.
I knew it wouldn’t take long for the crazy dog people to send this one off the rails. FYI: Just because someone doesn’t like dogs or isn’t into dogs doesn’t mean they lack empathy or anything like that, nor does it mean that their life is a void of misery and sadness. Plenty of people out here manage to get by just fine in life without having a dog. If you want to jump on the crazy train when it comes to dogs, then fine, but don’t get mad because other people don’t want to buy a ticket. Also, stop trying to make people feel bad for rehoming a dog. Yes, there are some situations where rehoming a dog is the right thing to do. I say all of this as someone who owns a dog, yet has managed to retain my sanity and common sense.
Very much agree. And what the hate messengers aren’t considering, that if you had not kept the dog up until this point, who knows what it’s date may have been. Speaking of dogs in foreign countries, The Yulin dog festival came to mind. Western culture cries tears of the consumption of these dogs. I see no problem in it. Maybe the humans consuming them are hungry. Further, the dogs would not exist, if it were not for the purpose of consumption. I don’t understand western cultures need to stop one countries past time, because it makes them cry. Lisa Vanderpump, is one of those who puts a dog above a human. I noticed, she went to purchase a small pony once. The pony had a bad leg. She rejected it. Lisa, who has all the compassion in the world, and the money to boot, rejected a pony due to a birth defect. But loves animals, and has a dog charity. Hm… If you are going to decry you are an animal lover, then be consistent. Don’t limit it to dogs.
It’s life would have been*** I’d care to wager, further, that 4.5 out of 5 of the ones attacking Angelina, and those with contrary opinions to dog worship, are white Americans. WHITE westerners. Another issue I find fault, is police dogs. They are a perfect example of the unpredictability in dogs. Thousands of tax payers dollars are spent to train home feed, all of that goes into these “officers” and yet, they maul perceived criminals. One particular video I watched, a person with a mental disability, a teen, was complying, and the dog grabbed the poor lads face, teeth sinking in to his flesh. Why are these dogs considered officers? I have a serious problem with that. If a suspect(remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, atleast that’s what’s said, not what is done. Police officers mealy file informations. That’s it.) Has had prior trauma with dogs. And said suspect, in fear kills or hurts a dog. Who’s life is more important? The dogs, or the humans? The innocent human? And, who is more wrong for putting the dog in a position of harm? The owner, in my opinion. You’ve sent the dog to do a job, you don’t want too or can’t do. It shows the hypocrisy in making them officers, only to send them to a job you don’t want to do. Look at #JesuisChien. I’m sorry, putting them in a position of rank, above others, is utterly twisted. I’m sorry, I’ve no respect for a dog as officer of law. Especially, as some have articulated, they have the mentality of a child. So, let me ask, are we gonna start recognizing children as officers of the law?
I live with dogs all my life. 4 to be exact. My brother owns them but our father is the one buying them food and all sorts. Then one day, one of my brother’s pack, rupi, almost bit my Dad’s butt while he is jogging. And mind you, my Dad jogs all the time and its not like rupi wants to play with him or something, rupi was upset and growling at my Dad! And that isn’t just the incident, I too was almost bitten by rupi, twice! I was just walking and rupi attacked me from behind. But we didn’t gave rupi away, because my brother got really upset when we suggested the idea. He said that rupi just had a rough day. How many rough day will rupi have for him to realize that SOME DOGS ARE NOT THAT INTO HUMANS? You see, dog lovers have more empathy for their pets than their actual family. And its sad. Dog owners who have more empathy for dogs than their actual family dont deserve a family. They dont deserve to get married and have kids. They dont deserve to live with humans nor have an encounter with any human beings. Lets see how they’ll cope up with life with no one to talk to but their dogs. Also, to those people who keeps saying that there must be something wrong with those people who doesn’t like dogs are all hypocrites. You criticize us for not treating dogs as humans when you cant even treat humans as humans. And dont go telling us that human stole from you, cheat on you, hurt you etc, because NOT ALL HUMANS DO THAT. And likewise with the dogs, not all of them are as loving as you think. Some dogs are seriously messed up too.
To me, a dog is a pet, not a child. A dog is a carnivore that can still cause so much damage to a human being. I personally think that the obsessions with dogs and other pets have gone wild in the Western world. There are even people who are struggling with relationships and they trust their dogs and cats more than other people - there must be some psychological issues going on. In many non-Western countries, with the exception of South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa - there are still people who worship their dogs, treating them like members of their family. Dogs are not our children; treating them as such is an insult to dogs, and even children. To me, a dog is a companion, not my child. I don’t send a dog to school. I don’t save money so that my dog can go to college or prepare for adulthood. Some people even treat dogs better than individuals who are different than them, something that I find sick. I cannot even see myself share a bed with a dog, it is crazy. Dogs are not human beings, they are animals, carnivorous animals.
In the Western world, dog lovers have more empathy for dogs than other human beings, sad!
Yes , I think the author is right. I think this is western/first world privilege at work. Funny how family relationships are no longer important but pets are. And also, animals are NOT on the same rank as humans , I suppose you and I wouldn’t be around if that wasn’t the case . I’m fine with people taking care of their pets but the whole humanizing aspect of it is something I just cannot fathom
I agree, I am so perplexed with this thinking that pets are on the same level as humans. I read post where pet has brought harm upon children and the owner is questioning what he/she should do? The owner then states they don’t want to get rid of the violent animal because they love them and the pet was there first! Are you kidding me?! To me that a no brainer the pet is out the door my child’s well being will always come first. I don’t believe animals are “fur babies” the are pets that it!
In your eyes they may be like family but for others they may not be. Stop judging those who don’t believe that “fur babies” are as important as their offspring.
Because they are equal. No species is “better” than another. Besides, whether you believe it or not, humans themselves are biologically animals. That never changed and it’s never going to change, either. Face it, you’re not plants. Keep talking about how humans are more important than non-humans simply because they can speak English rather than just making sounds, stand on two legs, and complain on the internet. If humans were the only species on Earth, they’d be eating each other to survive, resulting in the end of the world. DON’T BE SUCH AN INGRATE.
I think it’s primarily cats that will eat you if you die in there company otherwise unattended. Loyal dogs will stand guard over your dead body until they keel over.
Crazy cat lady…? Think again. I’ve always had love for animals and had pets as a child. Currently there’s a cute dachs fellow in the family (cousin’s, not mine), and he is treated like another member of the family in a HEALTHY way. Everybody loves him. He roams around the backyard, gets to come in and out, travels and so on. But there are boundaries. A healthy and happy chap nevertheless. … Compared to my ex, who treats dogs like humans, and humans like dogs…dresses them up, lets them sleep in her bed. Those pets are placed on a pedestal above all, including her physical children. She turned out to be a malignant narcissist with a history of an alcoholic, abusive mother. I’m still recovering from the trauma of emotional abuse years later. Yet the love for animals never stopped. There is a healthy way, and there is an unhealthy way. These people are mentally ill and there’s nothing you can do to change them. Let them have their own way, and work on yourself instead, so that you get better at filtering toxic people out of your life.
Some of the comments here are pathetic and sad. To all of those people rudely judging the poster who is rehoming her pet after her kid is born…how dare you. What is wrong with rehoming your pet when you know you can’t give then 100% attention due to a new baby? Im sure she looked all over for a good home where her dog would be given more time and attention. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, and shame on all of you for calling her cruel for doing so! Anyone who puts the needs of their pet ahead of the needs of their child is a horrible person. That is wrong. There have always been toxic, selfish people and there always will be, people need to grow up and find people who will treat them with kindness. Get out and meet people and treat people the way you want to be treated. I love my pets, I treat them kindly and give them the best life I can…I also treat my human friends and relatives and co workers with respect and kindness as well. Pets are amazing and they do love you no matter what but you need to have relationships with other humans too…..I love my cat, but come on..he can’t exactly talk to me or go out for drinks…
Dunno if you’ve been watching the news lately but human cops don’t exactly have an amazing track record
You sound deluded, and that wall of text is you trying to convince yourself re reality. Dogs are animals. Period. Get social and then you won’t have to rely on lesser animals.
Some humans/people are allergic and asthmatic to dog dander. Some Dog owners’ have a total disregard for fellow humans who are allergic to their dog(s). They take their dogs to public meetings, events, retail stores, etc… and then let their dogs rub up against people or run people off the walkways or clothing racks who prefer not to have direct contact with dogs or dog dander due to health reasons…safety is another isssue and another article can be written on that alone. The health and safety of humans is being overlooked it appears…
Rhetti, I totally agree with what you have said here ! Well spoken and well said ! It’s about respect for all life……. a breathing, living thing. (God’s creation), and about animals , having feelings, (as we humans do) experiencing & receiving pain, lack of attention, care, loneliness, etc. What goes around, comes around ! It’s a Christian spiritual principle. What we give out, we get back.
I know many people who have children and pets, and the children definitely need to be asupervised and taught how to care for and be kind and gentle to their pets. I also know many people who were pregnant and having babies and the pets were kept in the home and included in the joyous wonderful event (as a family member) granted it involves even more effort and work, but why destroy that bonded good home hopefully that your pet already has ?
You know what care and concern your pet has been given in your home, but releasing them off to another place or home, you really have no idea . Most people anyway, do not have a lot of time to spend with their pet anyway, as life is very busy, but at least you know they are taken care of, loved, and given lots of clean water and healthy nutrition, elsewhere who knows ?? I realize sometimes one just has to give up their pet, but I’d fight to try and not let that happen, when it’s feasible !!
Pet ownership bears with it, the commitment to vacuum up the hair, clean up (right away, when observed)the vomit, urine, or feces accident. Brushing your pets coat (and teeth, start when pet is real young) often or weekly and good hand washing after contact, I believe also aids a lot in prevention of pet dander allergies ! ( Sounds like a FT job, I know, but definitely comes with pet ownership !) ……….. that is, if you are going to have a pet and do it right !! Shouldn’t really be called pet ownership as you become a slave to the pet (in caring for them), and I mean that in a sentimental/ good nurturing way !! When you enter someone’s home and you smell dog or the kitty litter box right away, they are not fully caring for their pet !
You’re so right IVERSON28. I personally find it cruel to separate pet families, selling puppies and the like. I would only own a pet if I lived on a farm & could keep the entire litter together. “Pet people” think they are so caring and compassionate, but they just want a relationship with something that will beg at it’s master’s feet & do tricks for him/her. It’s quite perverse and pathetic in my opinion. I would rather have a relationship that challenges me as opposed to a master / subordinate relationship.
Hi - today is the first day ever I googled “why are Americans so dog-obsessed” and was comforted to hear that I am not the only one who sees it this way. First, I will say that I have had a life-long asthmatic allergy to them, and they have either caused me much suffering (not intentionally obviously) or kept me away from social activities (again, not blaming them) but it is fairly annoying that pretty much everyone these days has one. I see this again when I have gone on dating sites and at times all you see are pics of dogs, and the saying: must love dogs! (Well, I guess You and I won’t click! ) I completely support treating them humanely and even once considered taking a dog we’d come across on an island visit to the states as he appeared to have been mistreated. That said, not in a million years would I compare the connection of a dog to that of a human. I’ve raised kids. I lost an infant. My kids have brought me true joy - and yes, true grief as well. They haven’t always seemed to return my affections as much I’ve sometimes wished. Heck, had they been dogs, well maybe it would all be tummy rubs and slobbery kisses and tails-a-wagging. Cute, sure. In limited doses. But no depth, no challenge, no humanity. Cute and cuddly only goes so far. Please let’s not be so confused about this!
Humans have killed off so many animal species and continue to do so. I was born with a crazy love for all animals. I have no idea why. Humans decimated otters, whales, sunfish, etc. etc., to near extinction and now we covet these animals, especially whales. If we are not connected to and respect nature then we too will fail. Domestic animals are our last ditch but failing attempt to correct the wrongs of mankind. To me, anyone who disregards the feelings of animals is not connected to his soul and the universe.
The vitriolic language used by so many petlovers says it all in my opinion: these people are trying to repress the hatred they harbor for their own species by showering their beasts with the kind of love normal people feel only for humans. I bow down to your good sense, Angelique, in your apparent understanding that however “nice” your dog may be, dogs from every breed kill around 2,000 babies and children ever year. I feel sad for those parents who suffer the unintended consequences resulting in the death of their child, but not one of them has ever said anything in their own defence that didn’t start off with “(Poochie, Pookie, Snookey, etc….was the sweetest, least agressive, friendliest dog on the planet…” Some people have the critical faculties of a flea. Shit! Now I’ll be excoriated by the flea lovers!
That was an inexcusable and offensive racist comment. Nothing is wrong with developing a close attachment with an animal. My family adopted a puppy from North Shore Animal Laegue who my children named Stella. She has become a part of our family. Yes, thats right, we consider her part of our family and we show her unconditional love. A person should not be judged because they have the financial means, the devoted time and patience in their heart to care for any animal.
This superiority of humans that is driving many species to extinction. The superiority that is in the process of destroying this planet? We have created wars, weapons, discrimination against races, genocides, we have destroyed ecosystems, killed animals for selfish wants and causing the extinction of 1000s is species, humans knowingly torture and abuse animals under the lame excuse of domination, we have polluted the atmosphere, causing suffering for both nonhuman and humans. The way humans treat animals is a good indicator of their treatment of humans.
My girlfriend, wife to be, can be considered crazy cat and dog lovers and we do in fact consider them our family because to us they are. Good for everyone who has children and those with children who feel superior. Neither I nor her want children or the time or cost it takes to raise them, and we certainly aren’t selfish enough to have them so that “someone can take care of us when we’re old”. We like kids, we just don’t want them. Even if we did want them, neither of us would want to raise children in a climate of society that is becoming more morally bankrupt, confused, and violent. There’s nothing lacking about that, that’s rational. If people want to spend their money to save the humanity of the world I’m ok with that. If I want to spend mine on dogs and cats I’m even more ok with it. I enjoy my own company, I like spending time by myself, as my girlfriend does, we’re both independent, that’s strength not weakness or weirdness. Our cats and dogs and the time we share with them makes life that much better and is satisfying and enough. That’s family to me and to us, and no one could ever tell any of us different. Don’t like it that’s your problem. As for animals not having souls, people are animals too, you need air, eat, sht, bleed, and die just as animals do. What is a soul anyhow? Being self aware, having thoughts, emotions, knowing love? Animals know all these as much as people do, just in different ways, but it takes a forward thinking mind to understand that. How petty and convenient to think that real life starts and stops with your own species.
Quit being psychotic people. Their dogs, cats, pigs, skunks, bears, etc. they’re not HUMAN. Their deserving of love as is any living thing. but we as a generation have gone way overboard. I remember my grandparents allowing outside pets. And as always I think they had it right. People nowadays have animals in bed and so forth. Pitiful
So pets should be considered our lowers? Our slaves? I don’t go overboard with my pet, I just let him sleep where he wants to. We always act like humans are the best and everything other thing can be molded in our hands.
Just for the record, the same Greek philosophy that put man above the animals also put elephants above women. Before that, we’ve got the Bible saying men are above beasts. Basically, putting any animal below mankind in the earthly pecking order is grounded in primative thought and the illusuon that the human species is somehow special. Newsflash: We ain’t. If anything, mankind’s imagionary superiority is a product of Western thought. And I’m saying this as a well traveled, animaless, professional chemist and someone who has an academic background in primatology. The following applies to dogs, since I’m not that acquainted with science involving domestic cats. We know that the first humans who didn’t bond with protodogs most likely went extinct. Without their protection from predaators and innate hunting skills the dogless man was outcompeted by his canine loving counterpart. We have modern, undebatable scientific evidence from Hungarian and Japanese researchers that interacting with dogs produces more oxytocin release in the human brain than even that between a mother holding her own baby. Then again, researchers have observed that about a quarter of mothers never achieve a solid bond with their infants, but that’s a taboo subject outside of the scope of this post. I digress. Anyway, we know dogs are not only capable of understanding human facial expressions better than any other nonhuman animal, but also human language to a frightening degree, well beyond commands. There have been studies concluding that the loss of a pet can be more traumatic than losing a close family member, including a child or spouse. There’s a good reason dogs are called “Mans’ Best Friend” and often show up globally in positive religious contexts. To say this is just a “Western thing” shows an absolute ignorance of the world that I honestly didn’t expect from a Berkeley amumni associated website. It embarrasses me, actually. Dogs aren’t considered haram, yet Iran is full of spoiled pets whose owners refuse to bend to the social taboo, despite government and religious laws. The Yanomami in the Amazon treat dogs as something worth starting a fight to the death over because of their bond. Bedouins will only share their meals and tents with their salukis. There are groups in Africa who put their basinjis on a level above best friends, as their closest companions. I won’t even start on Japan, or how a wife will cut her husband salaryman’s allowance to buy her pup new designer clothes. The Aztecs had house dogs, separate from those used for eating. They were often brown or red in color because you needed a dog who recognized you to lead you on the journey to Mictlan (land of the dead). These are just the few examples that come to mind at the moment. In short, before you attempt to sound intelligent, putting down other people, please have at least an introductory idea of what you’re talking about. If you can’t understand the emotions of another person in a given situation leave it at that, or else politely ask questions to understand if you’re that bewildered that you need an explanation. Don’t call it a mental illness, societal problem, etc. when it’s crystal that you don’t even know the proper definitions of those terms to start with. It’s unnecessary hyperbole and demeaning to actual mental illness and societal issues. I’ve seen many big words used in these posts, all trying to make the other side appear ignorant. That’s not how scientific understanding or validity work, and to say the human animal is above other animals reveals a level of denial grounded in emotional explanation instead of fact based understanding. It’s fine to have an opinion, but an uneducated one makes you look stupid when presented as some sort of fact.
Your child and a dog ARE equals because they both value their lives EQUALLY. Your emotional bias* (which is inherently subjective as all emotions are subjective by nature) towards your child says nothing about the OBJECTIVE value of life. Although your child might be the most important human that has ever existed and will ever exist (in your eyes), the OBJECTIVE truth is your child is NOTHING SPECIAL in that there are millions just like her/him. In fact, from the perspective of the universe, your child is basically WORTHLESS who will contribute NOTHING - literally nothing - to the universe and that bugs such as ants and bees are more important than your child will ever be because unlike your child, these animals sustain life that all other species, including humans, are dependent on to not just survive but to EXIST. Your entire article reeks of SPECIESISM (yes, this is a real word in a dictionary and was coined by a psychologist in 1970s). You think just because someone is human, their life is automatically more important than other species all because they happen to be human. This line is thinking is as self-serving, absurd, irrational, bigoted as a white person thinking that their life is more important than other races all because they happen to be white or a man thinking his life is more important than other sexes all because he happens to be a man. The bottom line is physical differences (a human, a dog, a pig, a male, chicken, a white human, a fish, a crab,) are MORALLY IRRELEVANT. The plain truth is you are a speciesist, a human supremacist, who is YET to evolve. YOU are the problem here; you are the one who needs to evaluate and eliminate her prejudices against other species.
Yup. Your last sentence nailed it. This guy’s entire issue is he thinks subjective emotions = objective facts, which is why there is NOT an OUNCE of rationality to be found in his article. So many words, so many sentences, so many paragraphs yet NOT ONE presents a single rational argument.
“I’ve seen many big words used in these posts, all trying to make the other side appear ignorant.” This is called “Argument By Prestigious Jargon.” This is a tactic people use when they are not capable of debating rationally. Basically, it’s when PSEUDO-intellectuals try to give the impression that they “won” a debate or presented a rational argument by throwing around technical mambo jumbo or fancy words. It’s pathetic and pitiful and is essentially an admission that they failed.
I was agreeing with your post until the last two sentences. We are all animals. So giving money to a human with a drug addiction, someone with a significant weakness (a bad evolutionary trait amongst animals), is counter productive to your finances and the earth. A dog in a foreign country would actually benefit much more. It could increase the happiness of an Argentina child living in its neighborhood. Providing for the drug addict on the street would more than likely fuel his/her addiction, support the drug business, illegal activity, and make him/her weaker than he/she already is. I don’t think you really believe in what you said.
My post is in response to ANGELIQUE
Wow, you should not be allowed to breed your stupidity. People like you make this world a very depressing place. Poor kid, to grip up with such looser parents. Wow. Sad.
Look at all of you here talking shit about how great you are compared with the poor animals that will not ever hurt you! You kick a dog and he still loves you! You kick a human and he KiLLS you! Or better yet, he kills you without kicking him! Humans are evil species and you just all proved how intelligent you are compared with the animals. Animals are 1 mil times better than all of you and you just proved that with all your brains.. you’re actually a parasite with no heart. Just sad pathetic losers that prove humanity is such a sad and depressing place. Wait until a human kills you or your family out of nowhere, then we talk who’s better?
White people are doomed.
@natalie and Angelique. A pet is not a pair of shoes. You two are just the most insensitive and the reason why this world is such a bad place filled with people that are selfish and only care about themselves. That animal is like a kid itself, shows love and is happy to see you every time you come home! How can you say that this is okay? To have a pet until you have a kid? Then just give it away like a clothing you don’t need anymore? What is wrong with you?
Shame on you!! It is not us who own, or who have owned dogs or cats, that are mentally ill. It is YOU! You obviously have at heart of stone, nor any love within you! I happen to have had three kittens that I raised until they were adults. My first kitten (Cocolani) changed my life! She woke me up from my false reality! I had Cocolani for 13 years, as she sadly died of heart failure due to heat exhaustion from a failed swamp cooler! My second kitten, Elsie) who was born 5 months after Cocolani. I watched him being born, I held him the day he was born, my son named him as he was being born, and sadly, I held Elsie as he passed away in my arms on December 20, 2018. Elsie was a very gifted cat, in his last year of life as he could detect my TIA’s and Sleep Apnea and my MS surges! (Now I have trouble sleeping and coping with his absence since he passed. I had Elsie for 15 and half years! My third kitten Everette, was brought home to me by my son, upon being the runt from one of two litters. Everette had been malnutritioned and emotionally deprived, I didn’t think I’d be able to keep him alive, yet he lived for another 7 years, yet sadly passed away from sarcoma. You have no idea, what it’s like to be an adult, who has dealt with the trauma of being adopted as a child, as I too. was treated like an unaccepted runt in the family. More so, rejected and denied my parents trust fund when they passed away due to being adopted! So similar in feeling, each of my kittens lost their mama’s, as I lovingly adopted them and raised them, while Cocolani raised the second two as if they were her own! HOW DARE YOU!! call us animal owners “Batshit bonkers!” Yeah,.. My son felt rejected when I got my cats, yet he ended up getting his own cat, yet he stressed the cat out so much it would constantly throw up! His girlfriend ended up taking the cat in, and then strangely she “let it get out” upon DUMPING IT across town out on the streets! (even though she was an animal lover?? - I happen to find my son’s cat at the city shelter, yet the city wouldn’t let me claim the cat. Grant you, there are some folks who go overboard on pampering their pets, to the extent of dressing them up in cutesy pet clothes, BUT!!, there are those of us who gave our pets a good safe warm loving home. We clearly understand the distinction between them and ourselves, yet we still love our pets as they have been our best friend and our family. That is a pure distinction that defines that we DO NOT suffer from a mental illness, while it displays the level and deepness of our ability to love beyond ourselves, which is purely a healthy state of mind and being! It’s people like you who should be put on the national and local pet registry, to NOT EVER be allowed to adopt an animal due to your own emotional mental illness issues! .
I couldn’t agree with you more!
I Totally agree!
I’m so SICK of seeing dogs in every goddamn commercial on TV whether it’s shampoo or football. Dogs r just takers and users. Those w/ the food dish get the wags. Obviously Americans now r 2 stupid 2 realize this and this bullshit has got 2 stop!
I agree with you, and guess what I AM A WHITE PERSON. Humans are more important than animals. We are at the top of the food chain. They were created for US, for we humans, to serve us. They are not our equals, they are animals and we are humans. I am not ready to give up my superior human status because I am a human to any dog, cat, pig, cow, etc. I will eat cows, pigs, and chickens with no guilt. I will have my cats as my pets, and I will be good to them, but I don’t give them the same love that I do my son or any family member.
No, they stated that humans are more important than animals and I agree. We are superior to all forms of life, we are HUMANS, we are the most important. We should take care of starving abused children before we give it to a fucking dog.
He didn’t say it was wrong to love pets, he said people are being obsessive about it and treating dogs as if they were people. We have all these charities for starving abused dogs, and do nothing for starving abused children, we have a foster care system that almost guarantees emotional, physical, and sexual abuse for our unwanted children, but nobody cares about that. They want you to send your money to take care of an abused dog or cat, because after all dogs and cats are people too? NO, they are not. They are ANIMALS AND WE ARE HUMAN, THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. You missed the point. There are many people who should not have children and just have pets.
It’s a very good idea that you are giving up your dog. No animal should be with the likes of individuals like yourself. Hopefully your dog will have a home where he or she will be loved, appreciated and be a part of the family. I’ve had dogs and horses for many years and have always considered each one as my family. Obviously the bond people have with their animals is something someone like you could never understand. And I will always prefer the company, companionship and love of an animal over a human any day!
Anybody who thinks that animals are better than human, should never get married nor have kids nor have human friends. Why the hell would you interact yourselves to your co-human when you think of them less? If you cant handle a human being, go live on an island, or anywhere without a trace of a human, dont eat human foods, dont wear clothes and dont live on a house built by a human. Dont use your phone, dont use a computer nor an ipad. And dont you dare use an internet. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH YOU HUMANIMAL! If you survived and didn’t get depressed or anything, maybe we’ll believe you, that animals are infact better that human. And one more thing, try getting married to an animal, cause that is what you wanted. They are the only ones you wanted. If you’re lucky, maybe you and your animal partner will have kids of your own. Goodluck.
Lol! Your lengthy rant is a perfect example of why I prefer animals. Oh, and by the way, I have many human friends and am married to a wonderful human man…and we all love animals!!!
So Rocky, you do believe that humans are still better than animals. Why? Because you’ve married a human. Loving an animal is different from prefering them over other humans. As I’ve said, practice what you preach. If you prefer animals over human, leave your humanity behind. Dont interact with things (humans included) that you dislike. Stop stressing yourself.
If you had to choose between your child’s or Pets life, could you honestly tell me you would pick the pet over your child?
I chose not to have children because I knew it was not for me. So, if someone is so inclined to give up their pet because they’re going to have children, they should not have taken on the responsibility of a pet in the first place. Animals are not disposable items to be discarded like a pair of old shoes. I understand that there are circumstances when an animal must be given up, and if I found myself in a situation like that and had no other option, I would make sure my pet would be placed in good home, but it would definitely break my heart to lose them. And if I ever had children I would want them to grow up with a pet and a variety of different animals. I could go on and on for the reasons why I feel this way, too many to explain in detail here. Besides owning animals of my own, I also work with animals as a profession and I have seen unspeakable cruelty and neglect on the part of the humans that own them and I’ve seen owners who adore and treat them like their children, and yes, sometimes it seems a bit overboard, but I’d rather see that, silly as it may seem to some people, than see animals not cared for, respected, appreciated and loved.
It sounds like you evidently had a bad experience with an animal or pet, rejection perhaps?
Thank you, you have said what I was feeling but could not put into words. I am one of those “overboard” crazy for animals humans. The way I see it this debate can be easily (in my mind) decided by the fact that animals don’t lie, animals don’t cheat, animals don’t con, animals don’t play games and misrepresent themselves as humans do. I would (and do), trust most animals more than most humans because with animals you know exactly where you stand. People on the other hand hide their true intentions most of the time. The only difference between animals and people in my humble opinion, is that animals weren’t born with speech capability.
Thank you, you have said what I was feeling but could not put into words. I am one of those “overboard” crazy for animals humans. The way I see it this debate can be easily (in my mind) decided by the fact that animals don’t lie, animals don’t cheat, animals don’t con, animals don’t play games and misrepresent themselves as humans do. I would (and do), trust most animals more than most humans because with animals you know exactly where you stand. People on the other hand hide their true intentions most of the time. The only difference between animals and people in my humble opinion, is that animals weren’t born with speech capability.
Not sure if you actually meant animals or pets in your response….but many bad experiences with humans for all of the reasons you mentioned in your second response (lying, etc., etc.). Don’t get me wrong, there are many decent and wonderful people, and I think the world of the people I’m close to but unfortunately there are many , many bad folks also. My experiences with animals have, for the most part, have been positive. And the very few negative experiences I’ve encountered with animals were due to the animal’s fear which were the result of their prior treatment by humans. So, to get back to my original comments in this thread….yes, I prefer the company of animals to humans. And if someone wants to baby their pets, treat them like their children, etc., then I have absolutely no problem with that and applaud them for their love, bonds and compassion for their pets. Pet and animal ownership is a life long responsibility and if someone is not in it for the long haul, then don’t take it on from the get go.
Actually I meant animals, but I feel the same way about pets and you’re right animals will only hurt you either out of need to survive or out of fear. I can’t understand people who have no compassion or empathy towards animals or their own pets. I believe that animals (wild and domestic) are highly intelligent and need to be protected from cruel and stupid people who hurt and neglect them. Hopefully someday the majority of people will wake up and animals will have the same rights as humans.
Actually I meant animals, but I feel the same way about pets and you’re right animals will only hurt you either out of need to survive or out of fear. I can’t understand people who have no compassion or empathy towards animals or their own pets. I believe that animals (wild and domestic) are highly intelligent and need to be protected from cruel and stupid people who hurt and neglect them. Hopefully someday the majority of people will wake up and animals will have the same rights as humans.
Totally agree and I hope so too!
Sorry think I accidentally sent the same reply twice, anyway I treat my animals, my pets like family. My two kitties are like kids to me. What is wrong with treating your pets like family or like equals? And why does it bother people so much? that’s the interesting question . I don’t get why people have such a problem with it. I am totally okay with just loving them and treating them like they are part of the family because they are.
I know. I have a rescue dog and a horse and they are family. I have no use for people who do not like animals. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I’ve found that people who don’t like or respect animals generally are self centered and bitter and are usually the ones who are the first to criticize and condemn everyone else. Best to ignore them and move on. Animals will always hold a special place in my heart and be a part of my life! Enjoy and keep loving your kittens!!!
I mean to you it’s not a big deal but to the person it’s a huge deal . For example pets really for the most part have nothing to do but sit around and miss you and they need you for everything . Which is why they great at the door they have did nothing but miss you . They can do nothing for you but provide emotional support and base level protection.( not including working pets who are trained ). So they are basically at your 100 % control and 100% depenant on you . So when you put a human who for the part doesn’t need you for much of anything . Such as food , shelter ; and support and they aare trying to be there for and you are going out of there way . And goes out their way to make time for you out for there valuable time . And you put them on the same page it’s hurtful. Because the people are more valuable and can do more for you then a dog can . You get it ! That’s why it bothers people
What gets me about so called “Animal Lovers” is the hypocrisy. You may love them but you don’t bat an eye to trap a mouse or run over a snake in the road. You get on Fakebook and carry on about someones dog out in the cold as you eat your hamburger or chicken sandwich. 99% of you people are the proverbial Ostrich with its head in the sand. ” I don’t want to know where my meat comes from and don’t care” Granted cats and dogs are cute and they are nasty. That cat on your bed just scratched in a litter box. That dog thats giving you all those wonderful kisses just licked its butt clean….HELLO…I see the allure of pets yet when it gets to the point that your house smells like them, is covered in hair and they do their business on the floor “Oh he could’t help it” Sorry friend but you live in a barn not a house. At that point I consider you mentally deficient and lacking normal social skills at best. The best pets, kids, friends are the ones that visit and leave
Dogs are just that, dogs. They don’t need to be human for a person to love them, to appreciate them and have a deep bond with them. Since the beginning of our time, humans have established deep bonds with animals beyond those of labor or sustenance. Tribesmen with wolves, even back then they were companions. Romans, Greeks, soldiers of ancient civilizations that held great respect and had deep bonds for their steeds, animals that were treasured allies and not mere mounts. That they are animals is no impediment, the only impediment is the one inside of us, of how much affection we can muster to love the living beings around us. So yes, I can love my dog, and just as a dog and nothing more it can love me back. And this is a personal choice but I don’t get rid of those that I love when they become an “inconvenience.” I know this response is a year apart but I had to leave my reply. I hope you resolved your dog’s situation adequately, and congratulations on your baby!
Dogs are dogs, humans are humans, they’re both alive and they’re both real. Treat animals like you would every human. Animals were here before us, and we just barged in and started doing things. I’m a human, but I officially think that humans should treat animals with the same amount of care and respect we treat other humans. They’re not soulless anymore than we are. To actually think about it, humans are actually crueller than these animals. We came in and started acting like the boss of the world. We might have great inventions and technology but doesn’t mean we own the world. People who believe humans are greater than any animal, you can disagree with me all you want, but you can’t change my opinion or my perspective. It’s not like animals cook us for dinner every day, or destroy our homes just to make new ones for theirs or take out our teeth and nails, right? Sure, there are a few animals attacks, but it can’t compare to the damage we’re doing. Call me an idiot, call me stupid, call me unreasonable, but as I said, you can’t change who I am.
Dogs are dogs, humans are humans, they’re both alive and they’re both real. Treat animals like you would every human. Animals were here before us, and we just barged in and started doing things. I’m a human, but I officially think that humans should treat animals with the same amount of care and respect we treat other humans. They’re not soulless anymore than we are. To actually think about it, humans are actually crueller than these animals. We came in and started acting like the boss of the world. We might have great inventions and technology but doesn’t mean we own the world. People who believe humans are greater than any animal, you can disagree with me all you want, but you can’t change my opinion or my perspective. It’s not like animals cook us for dinner every day, or destroy our homes just to make new ones for theirs or take out our teeth and nails, right? Sure, there are a few animals attacks, but it can’t compare to the damage we’re doing. Call me an idiot, call me stupid, call me unreasonable, but as I said, you can’t change who I am.
So we’re fakers and we lack normal social skills and are mentally deficient just because we like animals? I guess you think of yourself as the awesome, smart and normal person in the community, huh? There’s nothing wrong with liking animals
Yes, thank you, finally someone I can agree with.
Yes, you have explained my point better than I could have. I totally agree!
You missed the point which I’m sure happens a lot. If a human laid around your house all day crapped and pissed on the floor and stunk up the place I have no doubt you would kick them out. Yet you love animals so much that it’s ok to live like that. If you love animals more than humans you have a mental illness plain and simple. At least with an animal you have control and they don’t care if you’re crazy as long as you feed them. Don’t feel bad you live in the majority along with all the other crazies.
Mike, most ‘animal lovers’ dont get it. They never do. Most of them are close minded, thinking that since we dont treat animals like human, they thought that we hate animals all together. Calling us cruel and heartless. I pity these people. I have pets of my own, but I treat them as pets. Yes, I adore them, but not to the point where I would choose them over my family and friends.
Jean Keats that is a stupid argument. You seem to just hate dogs in general, after only ever dealing with one dog because it barks frequently. That might be due to lack of proper care for the dog than anything else really, but it’s disgusting that you would be happy that dogs don’t live as long as humans. Absolute trash.
Animals are just that, animals. We are the caretakers not their family member. If they bring us happiness, good. The problem lies with dog owners in particular, who, just because they think their animal is human, their universal law dictates that everyone else should love it also. I have been barraged with obscenities along with being called an animal hater when I’ve asked people to keep their dog away from me. I love animals and have given them wonderful homes all of my life. The difference between me and most dog owners is that I understand that just because I happen to love an animal doesn’t mean every other person on the earth must love them also or even like them and would never impose my animal on someone else without permission. They are not human and do not need to go shopping with us and heap even more horror upon the general public by taking them into a restaurant where we just want to have a meal without animal hair flying around along with the accompanying smells that follow four legged creatures. I’ve known people that needed medical attention because of having to sit next to a dog they were severely allergic to on a flight. I also understand the need for service animals which prevent serious injury to their owners who may be blind or be prone to seizures. However, the ease of obtaining a bogus service certificate has seriously undermined the perception of genuine need. It is equivalent to someone taking a handicap parking space because they hurt their big toe instead of leaving it open for the truly handicapped. The ‘support’ animal is another dog thing that has gotten out of hand. Our society is teaching everyone to lean on an object whether organic or inanimate instead of teaching people to face challenges head on. Growth comes through difficulties, not sitting on a marshmallow pad or putting our head in a hole. To sum up, if pet owners would be more respectful to the humans around them, life would be a lot easier on everyone and may even encourage more people to embrace them.
A dog is a mans best friend ;)
Mmmh. You’re missing the point, by quite a long way. You seem to be implying that lack of empathy equates to hurting others. Where did you hear that? Empathy like most things does’t exist as an “on or off” concept, It is not binary. t is analogue. It exists on a continuum of extent. Humans are not all either empathic or not empathic, the vast majority of us have varying degrees of empathy. Also, to everyone who comments about the emotional “importance” of “humans vs animals”, there are 2 points… 1 - humans ARE animals. Animals who can…. a - talk (though many can’t) b - solve puzzles better than other anmials (although again many can’t) so rin eality in that regard there is no difference so it’s a moot point. 2 - statements like “attachement to a hunan is way more…” begs (or should beg) the question which human and which non-human. Everyone is an individual. If your best friend died you’d be more upset than if you heard about someone you’d neer met dying, right? Well that’s because your attachment to your best friend was stronger, obviously. It had nothing to do with their physical (or mantal) atributes. So, why does that recognition of individuallity suddenyl mysteriously stop just bevasue of the DNS structure of the individual(s0 involved )? Asnwer… no reason at all. “Maybe there’s just something wrong with you. Animals have physical feelings and complex emotions.” Complex emotions? Oh, please.” Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting they don’t? Please don’t make a fool of yourself by saying yes.
Why is it that white people, especially white women have an unhealthy obsession with their “doggos”? You make dog babble at them, take them to the bathroom with you and sleep next to them in an attempt to fill a void of companionship. Not to mention, force them to take selfies and post them on your social media or dating profile. Mental behavior, that. I suspect most of them value the lives of their precious “doggos” more than that of their fellow humans of a different skin color. In any event, crack a window open because your place reeks of Mr. Sniffles and wash your dishes. No one wants to drink or eat from the dishes your “dog baby” slobbered on.
Uhhhh most don’t hate the dog eating festival because its about eating dogs although it does make some people upset the real anger is about the conditions the animals are kept in before they are killed and yes it does matter if im going to kill you to eat you would you like to be locked into a cage that i had to physically squeeze you into, didn’t think so please do some more research next time
If you can’t love a pet like a family member then you may want to speak to a psychiatrist. This is a trait universally common among sociopathic personal disorders. As a purely personal moral judgement, the author of this article and many of the commenters are complete fucking scum who should have been desexed before further spreading their deletorious waste among the gene pool. Absolute selfish fucking filth.
There’s nothing cruel or fucked up about her attitude. Lol she stated a fact dogs aren’t people, aren’t family, aren’t members of society and never will be
If anything if you consider animals to be people, family, or he/she’s instead of it’s there is probably something seriously wrong with you Like the person said above, a lot of animal obsessed are just bitter scorned weak individuals who ran into the wrong kinds of people and came up with the delusion that all people are evil For an animal obsessor to try and tell a normal person they need a mental evaluation is projecting, and only shows your own insecurities No wonder you weirdos don’t fit in with society. You do know normal people laugh and mock you when you cry about a cop shooting your dog to stop it from mauling a person.
If your an example of “normal”, thank god we “animal obsessed” people are not. You sound more like a sociopath than a normal person. If an individual chooses to love and care for any animal, what possibly could be wrong with that? And as much as you believe they are not family, you are sadly mistaken. And judging people by saying that people who love animals are bitter, scorned, weak individuals is so cruel and callus on your part. Exactly the kind of statement I’d expect from a sociopathic personality. It’s no wonder so many people prefer the company of animals to all of the so-called “normal” individuals.
They are literally not equal to us. You can have whatever kind of relationship but if you can honestly say you’d rather save your pet’s life over a human, there is something wrong.
ok, you can insult pets all you want, but don’t bring racism into this. im not even mad about the insult, just you generalizing “white people” makes me so mad i don’t want to debate about you with pets. people who use people black and white are just as bad as whatever group their insulting. just the racism though. not the dog thing. the dog thing is fine. racism is just trash though
no racism. just no… racism is just trash. makes you worse than whoever your insulting.
I’ve known a lot of people who have said they loved their pets like a member of their family, like their own children even. But none of them have ever sterilized any of their other children, usually long before their bodies reached sexual maturity. None have chosen their children’s sexual partners on the basis of their breeding stock. None have, after allowing their children to breed, removed all of their offspring as soon as physically possible and sold them off for their own profit or to reimburse the cost of their care. Landlords don’t view pets as members of the family, although some might wish they could charge an extra security deposit for having children. But they can’t do that.. They can charge a pet deposit or just not rent to people with pets at all. How many people are abandoning members of their family just because they have to move? And if just the fact of abandonment isn’t bad enough, what happens to these furry family members if they aren’t lucky enough to find a new family or land a cushy spot at a no-kill shelter? We euthanize them. That isn’t the only reason to euthanize our family members either. Illness, old age, bad temperament.. All perfectly acceptable reasons to kill.. Do we really think of these creatures as members of our families? Or do we just say that to justify our control over every aspect of their lives?