WATCH: The Amazing Natalie Rhae

Nathalie Rhae—contortionist and assistant director of Circus Spire, a pre-professional youth circus troupe— gives CALIFORNIA a peek behind the scenes of the contemporary circus and shows us why she wants to spread her love of the aerial arts. 

— Marica Petrey
Filed under: Arts + Letters
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Yay! Natalie Rhae is wonderful and the kids at Kinetic Arts Center are super talented!
What a wonderful profile of you and your work. What is missed, though, is how much the troupe loves and misses you. Esme for sure, can’t wait for you to return! Enjoy the tour.
This is awesome Natalie, have fun touring! I miss you!
What a cool video!! Congrats Natalie!
Very cool video and wonderful subject. Natalie is a truly amazing young woman.