Well, This Is An Honor

It happened again: California Magazine has been recognized as a top college and university general-interest magazine by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)! Over the past decade, California has been awarded two golds and one silver award in this category, and our writers and illustrators have also been honored numerous times by CASE. We took home the bronze award this year—along with Columbia Magazine and University of Alberta’s New Trail—in the general-interest magazine category (75,000 + circulation) of the Circle of Excellence Awards. Some 3,364 entries publications were in the the running for this prestigious award. Here’s what the judges had to say about us: 

  • How bold of a university to name its magazine with the singular name of the most populous state in the United States! Yet, UC Berkeley did just that. And from the cover illustrations to the choice of themes to its sometimes unconventional takes on conventional topics, the magazine is as bold as its title promises.
  • California’s two submitted issues were quite different thematically: its War Stories issue presented stories of alumni throughout history who served in the military, and its election issue examined the 2016 race. These themed issues pull the reader in with compelling cover artwork, especially the election issue, which treats the election with appropriate irreverence with a banner proclaiming “the greatest show on earth” and a circus poster touting such wonders as “The Incredible Teflon Don” and “Congress of Human Oddities.” This illustration set the tone for a fresh and original, and thorough, election wrap-up. One judge compared this illustration favorably to another entrant’s cover, which also touted an election story but in a more more predictable and formulaic way.
  • Ever bold and self-assured, California covers these topics with a strong voice. “It’s hard hitting and not namby-pamby,” noted one judge. “I like the things they tackle.”

Want to learn what all the fuss is about? Click here for the War Stories issue and here to read stories from the Greatest Show on Earth, our election issue. Credit for the “compelling cover artwork” highlighted by the judges goes to illustrator David M. Brinley and design director Michiko Toki. 

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Congratulations again California Magazine editors and contributors, especially for carrying on the Cal traditions of fighting for vital issues such as free speech and civil rights that we fought for in the 60s and 70s, but appear to be under grave threat again because that seems to be a human failure mode due to mental limitations documented in your most unforgettable 2006 “Can We Adapt in Time” cover story. More recent CALIFORNIA issues have focused on critical human survival topics such as global warming and equality for all which I greatly appreciate more today, in my 80th year, than ever before since my classmate-wife and I have spent at least one day a week with our 5 and 7 year old granddaughters since they were infants, and are constantly reminded of the need to protect their future quality of life more than ever before. One motto that I have focused on my entire adult life is Churchill’s “Never, never, never Give Up!” exhortation that contributed greatly to saving our civilization during WWII, and our challenges today require us to be just as successful with the greatest sense of urgency ever.

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