WATCH: The Gathering Place

— Steve Hyde
Filed under: Cal Culture
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I am part of the class of 1957. I also climbed 1954-64, keeping in shape on Berkeley rocks for bigger efforts in Yosemite, the Sierra and the Rockies. I left forggg the Civil Rights Movement. I also lost 3 friends to climbing in that 10 years. I became a psychotherapist and for 30 years have worked with refugee survivors of torture. I have since come out largely against climbing, in an article in a memoir called “Why Mallory Died on Mt. Everest”. The UC Library may have a copy, or you can get it from me for $10. Good luck, in any case.
Sweet little film! In the 1930s segment, that first climber is (I think) Lois Leonard, wife of Dick who’s seen a minute later rappelling and demonstrating the dynamic belay he invented; my dad belaying Barbara (Norris) Bedayan, I think—wife of Raffi who invented the carabiners in use when I climbed as a kid on Indian Rock. It would be nice to add an epilogue, with Brown Girls Climb taking their turn to appreciate this meaning-and-history-charged piece of Berkeley.