Online, Offline, On Life: A Berkeley Student In the Time of COVID

“If I avoid the online, I’m avoiding the things that are gonna be important to me in the future. But if I stay online, I’m avoiding the things that are important to me now. I don’t wanna give up on either, but it’s also like, there’s only so much time in the day that you can be on a laptop.”

In March 2020, UC Berkeley joined the ranks of other universities moving to entirely virtual learning. Undergrad Carly Tran takes us into the life of a student, reflecting on a year of endless Zoom calls and surprising joys.

— Marica Petrey
Filed under: Cal Culture
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The year of the pandemic has significantly changed the lives of all people. All areas were affected. The transition to distance education has reduced the level of knowledge and discipline among students. Students admit that they were overcome by laziness to study and they ask write my dissertation from specialists. This will definitely leave a negative imprint on the quality of knowledge.