Taking Control: Facing Terminal Diagnosis, Brittany Maynard Plans to End Her Life

By Katherine Seligman

Note: Just days after this article appeared, Brittany Maynard carried out her plan to end her life in her Oregon home, surrounded by those she loved. In a final message, she said that the happiest people are those who “pause to appreciate life and give thanks.” She left behind a foundation advocating legal changes so that California and other states give terminally ill patients the right to “assisted death.” In October of 2015, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that will make California the fourth state in the nation to have such a law.

“I do not want to die. But I am dying. And I want to die on my own terms.’’

With words like these, published in a recent editorial, 29-year-old UC Berkeley psychology graduate Brittany Maynard has become the most visible face in the intensely emotional debate over assisted death.

Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer earlier this year, Maynard is going public about her decision to, as she puts it, “go with dignity.” She has uprooted her life in the Bay Area and moved to Oregon so that when her symptoms grow intolerable, she can legally swallow a lethal dose of medication.

Other terminally ill patients have told their stories, but Maynard’s, perhaps because she is so young and so uncommonly honest, has been shared millions of times around the world. She has crowded celebrities off the cover of People—a story about her is among the top five most viewed articles ever to appear on People.com—and written a heartbreaking editorial for CNN.

The flood of reaction—support, awe and criticism—has been “hard to process,” she admits in a recently launched online campaign to help change laws which in all but five states ban assisted death. She says her intention was always to draw attention to the issue, rather than to herself.

“I did this,” says Maynard, “because I want to see a world where everyone has access to death with dignity, as I have had.”

She is now living in a rented home in Portland, Oregon that she shares with her husband, mother and two dogs, suffering from increasing pain but, when she can, enjoying everyday pleasures and checking items off her bucket list. Since her diagnosis, she has visited Yellowstone National Park and kayaked to Alaskan glaciers. This past week she made her first visit to the Grand Canyon, noting on her Facebook page: “Beautiful day with my loving family in one of the world’s most fabulous natural wonders. Many moments that simply took my breath away on a gorgeous helicopter ride.” But she also struggled with a severe headache and a major seizure.

It was intractable headaches that sent Maynard to the doctor last year. She had been treated for migraines, but was young and healthy, an avid runner and traveler who grew up in Orange County and chose Berkeley over UC Irvine, despite being offered a full scholarship at the latter.

She earned her degree in 2006 and had been married just a little more than a year to Dan Diaz, 42, also a Berkeley graduate. The two were trying to start a family. They had met on Match.com, and it took little time for Dan, who works in market research at Del Monte Foods, to realize he’d met the love of his life, says his brother, Adrian Diaz, associate director of state government relations in the UC Berkeley chancellor’s office.

There was no way Maynard could have anticipated the news that doctors delivered on New Years Day: She had a malignant brain tumor. She describes in an editorial for CNN how nine days later she underwent an extensive operation to remove the tumor and emerged from the surgery with an even more dire diagnosis. Doctors told her the tumor had become a more aggressive glioblastoma and that she could not expect to survive more than six months.

Maynard set out to learn everything she could about her disease, reading medical literature and reports, asking questions. Her brother-in-law says this was characteristic of her.

“She is incredibly smart,’’ says Diaz, who officiated her wedding. “She has an encyclopedic knowledge of her illness.’’

Maynard says she carefully considered all her options and wants more than anything to live. But she learned that more aggressive treatment would ultimately be futile and potentially make her life more painful.

“Because my tumor is so large,” she wrote, “doctors prescribed full brain radiation. I read about the side effects: The hair on my scalp would have been singed off. My scalp would be left covered with first-degree burns. My quality of life, as I knew it, would be gone.”

So Maynard plans to control how she spends the rest of her life and when the time comes, whether and how to end it—potentially as early as Nov. 1, although the timing, she reiterates, will depend on her health. Her close-knit family—including her mother and stepfather and her husband’s Cuban American parents and three brothers—was devastated by news of her illness. But they are united in their support of her decision, says Adrian Diaz.

After her diagnosis, friends introduced her to a filmmaker who could help tell her story. She went on camera, describing her disease and the factors leading her to move to Oregon, where she had to find new doctors and qualify for the Death with Dignity law. Oregon’s law requires qualified patients to be declared terminally ill and mentally competent. Of 1,173 people prescribed lethal medication since 1997, 752 have used them.

Just having the medication available, she says, has been a huge relief: Even if she never uses it, she knows she can.

Maynard reached out to Compassion & Choices, a national advocacy group working to legalize end-of-life choice, which earlier this month posted her video and launched a campaign in her name.

She agreed to a small number of interviews, but the story quickly grew beyond anyone’s expectations.

Not everyone is supportive. Ira Byock, a palliative care doctor and author of the book Dying Well, believes Maynard is misguided. A former Dartmouth Medical School professor and now chief medical officer at the Providence Institute for Human Caring, he contends that physician-assisted suicide is never a valid option and that terminally ill patients only turn to it because they can’t get proper palliative care. In a PBS interview he made the case that she “could get excellent whole-person care and be assured of dying gently in her bed surrounded by her family.” Furthermore, he said, “physician-assisted suicide is not a personal act. It is a social act.”

Maynard shot back in an online comment that she found it, “disrespectful and disturbing when people discuss my personal health with details that are not accurate to push an agenda.”

Barbara Coombs Lee, president of Compassion & Choices, calls Maynard “mature and savvy beyond her years. “She has mustered the courage to ask questions that dying people don’t ask,” she says. “What is the natural course of my disease? What are downsides of treatment? What kind of symptoms will I suffer as the disease advances?”

Maynard not only considered these questions, but did so in an “unblinking way,” says Lee, adding that Maynard’s youth, the dashed hopes of a life just beginning to unfold, partly explains why the public has responded so vigorously.

But it is her courage that most touches people.

“Before Brittany Maynard, this issue might have been something people didn’t relate to,” Lee says. “But Brittany says it’s about all of us. It’s about your family, about someone you love. Maybe it’s about you.”

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Brittney and Dan and Family, I can’t even start to imagine what you all are going through, not to mention Brittney herself. I just want to say you are a very brave person and I have been following your heartbreaking story for about 2 months now. You are a very beautiful women and I believe you are doing the right thing. Just knowing that you are making a decision like this at age 29 makes my heart hurt very bad. I have done nothing but think about your situation and what I would really do if faced with the same horrible diagnosis. Again, you are the bravist person I know, at mass I say a prayer for you every Sunday and will continue to do so. I Love You and I will see you in heaven someday Tara Nicole Deardorff
Having lost my mom a year ago from ovarian cancer, this story strikes a deep personal chord. My mom and I would have long conversations about her will to live and how we would cherish the days we had left, but when the time came that she seized control to the pain, she wanted the right to go under her own power. People should have the right to a dignified passing on their own terms in case of terminal illness. Much respect to this powerful woman and her family for shedding light to this important topic. I wish you peace and comfort in the precious time you have left Brittany.
I think you’re absolutely beautiful, brittany & my heart goes out for you. You’re so young and you’re story breaks my heart. It made me cry. I’m hoping for a miracle. I pray for you.
Brittany, Thank you for so bravely sharing your story and paving the way for others to die with dignity. You are strong and powerful and courageous! I wish you a peaceful, gentle passing.
Brittany, I have no idea how you feel but I do know that GOD is in control.You say in one of the articles in people that I read that you and your family searched for a miracle to save you, God is the only source of miracles.I pray that you will put your faith in God to help you through this terrible tragedy. love to you and your family
Bless you my dear. You are a pioneer, albeit a very reluctant one. I hope I will have the same option if necessary when it is my time. I wish you a painless and light filled transition. I’m sorry you will leave us so young, but we will all pass that way too. My heart goes out to you and to your loved ones. As a mother of 3 girls, one who is 30, my heart is most especially with your mom.
Though I have never experienced watching someone I love suffer before passing, I can understand why Brittany has made this decision. My husband and I agree that the Death with Dignity should be a choice in all states. Why should anyone be forced to spend there last days in suffering. God Bless Brittany and her family and thank you all for bringing attention to this law many people were not aware even existed. May the Lord keep you all.
The hope for me is always that there is a way around mans limited power to intervene and a way to enlist and entreat a Loving , all powerful God to intercede on our behalf. To ask a God of miracles to bestow a miracle when, where, how and on who we want them. We have an all knowing God who hears us even when we do not speak. I believe that He hears Brittany’ s desire to live and at the same time He understands her desire to make the way easier for her loved ones and herself. It is not for us to judge what goes on in another persons heart when they seek to live their lives as honestly as they can. Death is a part of life and should require the same scrutiny as the life that came before it. God bless you Brittany as you face a door way that most of us never see coming or deny to the end. I will pray for you .
My heart and my prayers are with you . Brittany just believe! Miracles does exist trust me. I HAVE SEEN THEM WITH MY OWN EYES. You are in God’s hands! GOD BLESS YOU !
If you make you like public you will hear both sides. You’re saying your very sick but you’re hiking grand canyon and Yellowstone. People say your brave does that mean people that choose to live life through cancer till the end are not brave? People like my sister that suffered but endured it because of her love for life. Yes. It is sad but bravery is not suicide bravery is facing death looking cancer in its eyes and saying I win. Never give up. Never give up.
Brittany, My heart goes out to you and your family and your beloved dogs. You are an extremely brave young women and I’m so sorry that you and your family are going through this. I wish you many more beautiful days with your family and a very peaceful passing at the end. God bless you and your family. You have touched a lot of people.
Blessed Brittany, You are so beautiful inside and out..I feel you are making a decision that is right for you. That being said, not everyone will agree. So be it! Be blessed dear girl and I say you are full of courage and strength and may the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand! PEACE! x0x0x0x0
Dear Brittany, You are a beautiful person inside and out, truly. It breaks my heart that you have this horrible disease, and are forced to know this kind of suffering and pain. The world is better with you in it. I am thrilled for you that you have had the travels that you’ve experienced and met and married a wonderful man who adores you and loves you so deeply. Some people go their whole life not experiencing either. I am thinking so much of you each day as well as your dear mother, husband, family and friends. Very sincerely, Amy Franzer
I don’t know where to go with this other then to say my heart is right there with your mom Brittany My daughter battled cancer at 21 and won only to have it rear its ugly head again when she turned 34. It was also brain cancer but fortunately radiation was able to keep it at bay for now. She is also beautiful and highly intellegent is a practicing RN NP and PA. The helplessness your mom feels I can seriously relate to,the cold fingers of fear when the doctor tells you the prognosis and there is nothing you can do when you have always been there to bandage the boo boos and help take away the pain and make her feel better. I can’t be weak when I want to be because she relies on my strength . But after all is said and done I wrap my arms of love and support around you both and if there is any comfort in this you sound like the only Mother God would have chosen for this precious precious Brittany.
I hope that Brittany hears the voice of God, and trust her life to Him!
Please look into alternative methods of treatment if you have not already. For example: Protocel. I once talked to a woman who had a brain and a spine tumor and who took Protocel. She was cured. My mother has personal experience with it. There is public forum on Protocel.
Our lives our supposed to be in God’s hands, not our own. There have been cases such as this where people stuck it out, though they may have had to walk a hard and painful road for a time, and came out cancer-free. Brittany, hang on to hope. Hang on to faith and hold tight to God. Believe that he WANTS you to live and WANTS you to trust in him. He designed you for a purpose and I strongly believe that if you trust in him, your future will be brighter than you could ever have imagined. Right now, it may seem as though all is hopeless.But don’t give in to the lies. A new day will come. Hang on to love and think about those that love you. A void will be left in their lives if you leave them this way. This is definitely not the answer.
I second Lorien’s comment. Very beautifully said! Amen!
I third Loriens comment. When our life ends is not our will but God’s will alone. Just trust in him and take the path he gives you til the very end.
Well said. I do believe God understands.
don’t do it. pray. it will be the worst decision against life eternal you have ever made. pray
By now I don’t think anyone hasn’t heard of Brittany Maynard, the twenty-nine-year-old woman who will most likely be ending her life on November 1, 2014, with a legal prescription drug, before cancer takes her. Brittany’s case has special meaning for me, because almost a year ago to the day, my husband, author Robert E. Bailey, passed away from that same cancer… http://robertebaileyauthor.com/cgi-bin/blog http://gbm4cure.webs.com/mu...
I think of you everyday. Our Great Creator has commanded us: thou shalt not kill. He has given you life and only He reserves the right to take it back. Do not underestimate what it will be to stand before God uncalled. It will be too late to reverse your decision then. I do not wish to appear unchristian-My heart breaks for you and yours! I beg you to refrain from hastening an untimely death.
Brittany your story has broke my heart and I can’t stop thinking and praying for you several times a day and wondering why you have not spoke of Jesus and your leaning on him for healing. God is the one who gives us life and who ultimately takes our life at his chosing. I pray you trust in him and let him be in control of your life and you will be at peace. I can’t imagine knowing just how many days I had left and how I would decide what time to do this and how my family truly feels. They may be strong for you and say they are okay with it but I’ll bet they are devastated and against it. I pray for them too as it will be extremely hard to watch. It is not normal. Take them into consideration and put your trust in God. You will find immediate peace.
I agree wholeheartedly. I believe God has a plan for you if you just put your trust in him.
Brittany-I sent FB message just to inform or alert you to Info I just ran across. First, I totally support whatever decision you make regarding the way you live or take your life. I only feel you might have turned off updating what could be new. I recently read that a more direct method has been found to directly treat the tumor by surgery. The procedure you describe is not what I read and I feel it is akin to direct bombarding of the tumor. I’m not medical but I feel there is a difference in what you reveal and what is. That tells me there is a chance to break that tumor by implant. I’m sorry for throwing you info I am not medically qualified to deliver, but I feel your demeanor in having dealt with your death. I feel that it is premature and worth a look if you have not heard of it or have not quit. Far be it of me to tell you anything, but I feel that is not what I’m doing here. Humor me and take it as I care for a person’s life enough to interfere. I was a Dr. Kevorkian supporter. I feel that Doctors actually do this assisted death procedure daily anyway because they did it matter of factly for my Mother. So I have no moral message here. If someone says they don’t rally want to die but if it inevitable,want to go with dignity, that is enough to me, but you strike me as having turned off the switch to possibility. I read NIH Medline weekly and it could have come there but the term gliobastoma was mentioned as having been the target of treatment. Coincidence? Maybe, but worth knowing? I think yes. On the lighter side, having just been married, you don’t really know pain until the pain of matrimonial compromise and you don’t get off that easy. I hope you read this or hear of it. I wish for you only that you make that decision with all possibilities having been heard and checked. I try to read a lot on the new brain treatments for my wife and her Alzheimer quest for cure. Take it for what it’s worth to you but I personally would like to see you stay around simply because you are a person of courage evidently and strong minded people are hard to come by.
Hi Brittany: I live in Colombia and of course you don´t know me, but I just want to tell you that I’m praying for you and I’m asking to the lord for your life and for your health. Miracles exist and you just need to believe. I know I’m no body to ask you some thing, but please don’t do it. I know this is something very hard for you but right now there are a lot, a lot of people praying for you IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, you are a beautifull woman and God has something for you, God love you so much!!!!.
Brittany, 1st Jesus Loves You. No other way to say that. I pray that you Do Not take the meds on Nov.1,2014. I pray that the Angel of the Lord come to you and speak through signs or miracles just for you during this difficult time. The holy word asks, What is too hard for GOD? Nothing So, we should cast All of our troubles and cares into the Lord and he Shall fight your battles. Brittany, i ask you now to Trust in the Lord with your illness and allow him to heal you….Amen.
Brittany, you have been on my mind and in my heart and prayers since I first heard about your story. My dad died from cancer and I was with him the night he passed. He died on his own terms and with dignity, but he also let God determine the time of his death. I know you have chosen a different path, and I respect your decision. You are a remarkably brave, beautiful woman. I wish you peace, love and comfort in your days here on earth.
My heart goes out to Brittany and her entire family. Before you judge this poor woman and use religion to make it seem that her choice is wrong take a minute to consider the outcome if you were in her situation. What she has is not going to magically disappear and the longer she has it the more pain and suffering she will have to go through. I think she is incredibly brave to make this decision. It’s interesting to live in a society where it is alright to not make an animal suffer but a human must suffer because it’s “God’s way.”
I have to say as I was born and raised in Ireland and living here now in the pacific northwest,this is one brave young lady.I never buy the PEOPLE mag but my heart reached out.reading her story made me very sad and I can only pray for a miracle for this beautiful young lady..GOD PLEASE HELP HER!!!!!!!!!
Dear Brittany, I am thinking about you, everyday… Hug your family, love your mom with all forces you have. Tell her how much you love her and everything she did right for you. She will need to remember this… I send all my love and positive thoughts to you. Wish you the best during this journey. Hugs
Dear Brittany, I am thinking about you, everyday… Hug your family, love your mom with all forces you have. Tell her how much you love her and everything she did right for you. She will need to remember this… I send all my love and positive thoughts to you. Wish you the best during this journey. Hugs
Hi Brittany, I’m also a fellow Cal grad like you and read about your story just now. I’d like to applaud you for your bravery and your decision to not let illness take over your life. I am a physician myself and though I’m an eye surgeon now, as a medical student and intern, I have witnessed numerous deaths from diseases. So I respect the decision that you’ve made and commend you for making this not just about yourself but about an important public issue to be addressed. Cancer to me means the coming to an end of life of an individual. Though yours is going to be a short one, I feel that it is a great one and your effort and bravery will be remembered by us. Lots of love and hugs.
Not sure why bravery is cited so much for an act so cowardly. But, I find the fact that Britney is two different people to be more interesting. Note her antagonist bresponse to the doctor assuring her that taking her life is a social act. That doctor is aware of the political machinations behind this (likely) hoax.
You are an incredibly brave woman and I have great respect for your decision. Your family on this earth plane will hand you over to the next chapter where you will soar with the angels and once again be free. You will be by your family and friends side and one day will be reunited with them. Sending you and your family love and respect.
Praying for the Gods miraculous power to touch you.You dont have to die this way..Let faith rise in you to loose your control into the hands of the Almighty God who is your healer and restorer..just believe..My uncle has been healed of blood cancer just few days back..trust the blood of Jesus to heal you
Please don’t do it. God is a healer and it is His will that you are healed. I am speaking the Word of God over you and praying for you. Smith Wigglesworth raised people from the dead. Jesus raised people from the dead. Sickness and cancer is NOT from God and it is NOT His will that you have this junk. It is a lie from the enemy Satan. Believe in Christ the Healer and receive Healing. The same way you receive salvation receive healing. It is a free gift of grace and it is what God wants. 3 John 2. Beloved above all things I desire for you to prosper, BE IN GOOD HEALTH, even as your soul prospers. Praying for you to receive. It is not only a matter that you believe in healing but that you RECEIVE it.
I am a Christian and I have no idea where it says this action is wrong. It is not. I am sick of people using our Lord as their authority! This is a blessing that Brittany does not have to suffer. It is her choice. I will pray for you Brittany and everyone involved close to you. I also hope that some of these so called “Christians” would just hush. I am so embarrassed by their posts. This is all about Brittany not them!! You go girl!!
Dear Brittainy, There is always hope. I have seen people miraculously healed. Not by medicine or the surgeon’s arm but by God’s power. I have seen the deaf healed and other miracles. These miracles are made possible by only one person. And he also made a decision to die. That person is Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection have provided the way for salvation from sin and healing of sickness. Your disease can be healed in Jesus name! We will all die someday be it from cancer or old age. The only true control is in surrendering ourselves to the will of God and trusting fully in him. There is hope for you if you choose to take it. What if God gave you your life back? Would you live the rest of it for him and his glory? Feel free to contact me to talk more. I too am a Berkeley alum and a Christian minister on the campus. Isaiah 53 “He was pierced for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement that brought us peace was upon him. And by his stripes we are healed.”
Sorry but you are no true Christian. In the Word it says thou shalt not murder… and that includes yourself. You are ignorant of the very basics of the Word of God. You say that you are sick of people using “Our Lord as their authority”? What do you think the word Lord means? It means master. And yes Jesus and his word are the authority by which the Christian lives. You can rant your so called charity all you want but you obviously have no genuine faith. It’s not the will of God for someone to die of cancer. And the premature ending of life is not the right decision.
A god who fails to intervene due the “value” of suffering is no one I want to know. Thank you for your courage, for making this debate more public, and most of all for placing a value on preserving your right to make your own life decisions. I hope you don’t need to end your life, but if you do I am certain that eternal energy you hold will continue as a positive force in the world.
Brittany, you are changing history! Thank you sooo much. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! Huge prayers for you, your family and your legacy. God has blessed you (and us for your choice)
Brittany I admire your courage. I want you to check out the Herbal Formula ESSIAC since 1922. I have used this formula because my PSA Count was over 12 normal should be 2-3. Since I started taking ESSIAC my levels have dropped to 7 and still going down. Why should you take this…….ESSIAC FIGHTS CANCER. I do not market this product. “Hang Tough” Gene
You are so brave and inspirational. You are an amazing person. It is hard, having naysayers who don’t know your situatuation, or who you are. I agree with you, I would want to go on my terms, without painful suffering. To me, religion cannot change or cure terminally ill patients. It is America and we should be free to make these choices. You are right, no person wants to die. I don’t care how much they say they are spiritually prepared. My father in law, when he died, claimed he was spiritually ready. And maybe he truely was. But, I was by his side and I saw fear, I saw desperation to fight to breathe, as he died. No matter what you do on November 1st, please know you are in my prayers and so many people are backing you up.
Taking control? There is another way. I have lived it. Check out my short testimonial directed to Brittany and others in similar dreadful situation. Inspiration, hope. Live in the day and by the day. “Life is beautiful. Always.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-leU05w6AM
Thank you for sharing your story. For shedding light on a situation that so many knew nothing about. Thank you for your words, “seize the day”. With your story in mind, I, as well as so many others will do just that. Your energy will live on through your story passed along to so many in the world.
Finally a comment with some sanity to it! I agree! We wouldn’t let an animal suffer but it’s okay for humans!?!? Any God that would have a 29 year old woman with her love of life and this beautiful earth cut short by suffering in such a horrendous way, I want no part of!!!!! It’s not a God I would trust! I think Brittany has the right to end her suffering her way instead of praying and praying and praying for a miracle. I have seen people do that and die anyway!
Finally a comment with some sanity to it! I agree! We wouldn’t let an animal suffer but it’s okay for humans!?!? Any God that would have a 29 year old woman with her love of life and this beautiful earth cut short by suffering in such a horrendous way, I want no part of!!!!! It’s not a God I would trust! I think Brittany has the right to end her suffering her way instead of praying and praying and praying for a miracle. I have seen people do that and die anyway!
Enough with the preaching and God mumbles already! If your God has that much power and miraculous existance, if it loves its belivers sooo much, it would kill her before she takes her life herself or cure her (actually if there was really a loving, caring God no such horrifying thing as cancer would exist but that’s a whole other story).. Suffering is not an option and those morons who find her coward and fighting (!) with a 99% terminal sickness brave, has no clue about what bravery is.. Letting your body and soul ache because you fucking fear death, that is cowardly.. If what you have in incurable, if you know that you will die, taking control, being determined and making those around you suffer less is absolute bravery.. Living is the easy choice, you are already alive, it is the status quo.. Hard one is choosing to end your life.. And if you are too afraid to embrace what is surely coming at you, then you are the coward.. ( this has nothing to do with curable diseases, all this is relevant for terminal illnesses).. All those who are unable to comprehend such basic reality should at least have the decency to keep their mouths shut about a dying girl..
Brittany and Family, Go Bears! You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Dear Brittany My heart is with you. I also appreciate the research you had done. But HAVE YOU LOOKED AT WHAT IS BELOW? IT IS VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE RESEARCH THIS: http://aimcenter.net/revici-method/ REVICI WAS ON A PARALLEL WITH EINSTEIN - I MEAN THIS THE TWO KNEW EACH OTHER I SHOOK HANDS WITH THE MAN IN 1987 READ ABOUT “MEDICAL SYSTEM”DOCTOR FISHBEIN WHO HIMSELF HAD A BRAIN TUMOR THAT REVICI CURED REVICI DIED AT AGE 101 ABOUT 10 YRS AGO BUT HIS NEPHEW CONTINUES THE APPROACH IN NEW JERSEY let brittany and her friends read: The Doctor Who Cures Cancer: William Kelley Eidem: ASAP!!!!!!! Also, please do extensive research on Brain State Technologies Revici therapy and Brain State combined could turn Brittany’s tumor around This is the sacred truth: In 1987 I spoke with the mother of a girl from the East Coast. The GIRL HAD 17 CANCEROUS LESIONS ON HER BRAIN AND SLOAN KETTERING GAVE UP ON HER BUT DR REVICI CURED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SPOKE TO THE MOTHER MYSELF ON THE PHONE THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE I CAN PROVIDE PARTICULARS OF THIS PERSON’S ID REVICI HAD CURED MANY BRAIN TUMORS NOW COMBINE THAT WITH BRAIN STATE TECHNOLOGIES WHICH WAS NOT AVAILABLE THEN i AM WILLING TO PROVIDE ANY INFO BRITTANY MIGHT WANT I WANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THIS PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME AT michaelkyrilo@gmail.com let me know if you or your assistants got this email if I get an email, I will email back a phone number and I can provide more info on the phone please reply soon Leo in Canada (just north of Washington state) At least pls have someone email me that this has been read! Thank you!!
“Genius is seeing what everyone else sees and thinking what no one else thinks.Revici is a genius.” Dr. Robert Fishbein, M.D. Cured of terminal brain cancer by Dr. Revici. PLEASE RESEARCH BELOW http://aimcenter.net/revici-method/
Dear Brittany when I heard about your story 2 mos. ago I been thinking about you and your family you are such a beautiful amazing smart woman pls pls don’t do it god is a healer trust in god I will be praying for you ❤️❤️❤️
Dear Brittany, I have my own understanding of the world of cancer and I appreciate your courageous story. I have worked at Cal now for 11+ years and during this time I have been through Chemo, lost all of my hair (has since grown back), several surgeries, procedures, allergic reactions, doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, medical insurance issues, drama, and family trauma all from my cancer diagnosis….which is exhausting. Cancer didn’t just happen to me it rippled to my inner circles. THANK YOU for bringing awareness to this issue and helping folks understand that this DECISION is what makes sense for you…a bright, talented, independent, and thoughtful person. You are MORE than your diagnosis…and I hope you get to spend the precious time you have surrounded by your amazing support system of friends, family, animals, medical staff—-doing things you LOVE for as long as you are comfortable/able to. Also, thank you for choosing CAL among other wonderful educational options. I will put a Cal Bear in my office with your name on it because once a bear ALWAYS a bear. Your story makes a DIFFERENCE! With Love, Your CAL Family
Lisa beal, I’m glad I found this comment and I pray that this beautiful girl read it and reconsider her decisions . Miracles happen when we trust on him.
Fredy im from Colombia too, leaVing in usa. What a beautiful message. I im with you in prayers for Brittany. … God after her to realise her soul from this decision.
Maybe it’s not god who wants her to live on to suffer through this but the devil. I can’t imagine a concept of a god who would rather see a person suffer such pain. Maybe it’s god who is pointing her to this decision to end suffering? This is definitely THE answer.
Brittany, thank you. Thank you for, with any luck, making it easier for those of us who face the same decision. Love to you and your family. -Molly
After suffering with severe back pain for decades, my father took his own life after several other attempts. I have always understood and accepted his decision. I have always known that I never wanted to be an extended burden to other or die attached to tubes in a hospital as happens with most people. I don’t believe in god, and I am okay with turning into dust and being totally forgotten as history goes on. I recently attended a discussion group called “A Good Death” at the North Oakland Senior Center, 5714 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. This class or discussion group is lead by Judith Schumacher-Jennings, Master of Divinity, and is being repeated for those who wish to participate. Thursdays, Oct 20 to Nov 20, 2014, 9:30 am to 12 pm, pre-register in advance at 510-597-5085 I learned that most doctors on learning they have a terminal disease, accept their condition, close their practice the next day and refuse almost all normally accepted life extending procedures.
Aquel que nos dio la vida, es el único que tiene derecho a quitarla……. y también es todopoderoso para sanar el cáncer y otras enfermedades…..Jehová Dios mío, a ti clamé, y me sanaste. Salmo 30:2…..y mas impactante aun es la palabra de Dios nuestro creador que dice ….que todo aquel que atente contra su vida, no tendrá herencia en el reino de los cielos…PARA DIOS NO HAY NADA IMPOSIBLE.
I completely agree. If God is real (He is) do not end the search for Him.
jesus said how can you take life and you don’t give life self murder is a sin Satan is trying to deceive you please look to Jesus and he can heal you of your sicknessjesus said we will overcome by. our testimony like the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years what she said is if I can just touch but the Hilmaof His garment that I will be made whole so please try Jesus for yourself please don’t take you’re life jesus loves you so please give him. A try)
You, Zac Linton, say you are a Christian minister…..under the true definition you are no Christian. You don’t even sound like a nice person. The hurtful words you use spotlight your rigid and narcissistic nature and if you stopped for 60 seconds to think about the message Jesus gave to the world you would see just how far from his path you have strayed. Someone doesn’t agree with you so you get nasty? Someone didn’t listen to your “wise” words so you attack them? This is Christian? Please think about it; you have the right to think and feel what you want but do you have the right to make other people suffer for their beliefs? Is that the love that Jesus was showing us by his example?
To believe in God is simple but it is not easy. We human beings like easy, but it takes courage to have faith in God in hard times, and when everything in the world is against God. I know so many people who have been healed of illnesses including cancer. These people are no more special than anyone else; they just chose to believe that when God says He is real, He is real; and when God says He heals, He heals. That’s what faith is all about. Believing God. He doesn’t heal us because we deserve it. He heals us because He loves us. Ultimately He wants us to believe that He is willing to forgive us because of the cross. If we repent of our sins and follow God’s ways instead we can be saved from this temporary existence which ends in hell and instead enter true life and heaven.
Brittany thinking of u daily…what a beautiful person you are..I have been praying daily for you….hoping for a miracle…I pray that your faith and family give you strength and comfort during this time. Sending love your way…..God Bless You Brittany…………..
I was watching the news today and your story made me cry so much . I can’t stand the sight of you talking to is-planning to pass. It made me realize how the power of God is not in the picture at all and it hurts me as a believer. Someone made a comment that they have seen miracles. Brittany, I have seen miracles too, with my own eyes!! Give God a chance please. He gives and takes life. I will be praying for you tonight and will be thinking of you everyday. Lots and lots of love girl!
I was watching the news today and your story made me cry so much . I can’t stand the sight of you talking to is-planning to pass. It made me realize how the power of God is not in the picture at all and it hurts me as a believer. Someone made a comment that they have seen miracles. Brittany, I have seen miracles too, with my own eyes!! Give God a chance please. He gives and takes life. I will be praying for you tonight and will be thinking of you everyday. Lots and lots of love girl!
u have one life………pls….dont die ……. I ll prey with u and i know power full fasters in india…….. Pls dont die…..
Your words are cruel and ugly, and your judgment of this young lady unwelcome and unconscionable. Your conokere lack of respect for this individuals life and decision is deplorable. Comparing one individual with another is plain ignorant. If you are incapable of being civil, keep your opinions to yourself.
Dearest Brittany, Most Americans have no idea how many “real treatments” are available for Cancer. Please go to “cancertutor.com and get educated about many alternative cancer treatments you can do at home. The “system” only has a 2% survival rate and only wants to treat the symptoms and not the real cause. I helped a close friend get over terminal small cell lung cancer with my Plasma-Tube device and vitamin d3, high dose vit-C , apricot seeds and some other things. Some of the protocols on this website have as high as 90-100% success rate. You should ask my friend Ken what he thinks about my Rife machine and alternative cancer treatments. See rifevideos.com and free 2 hr. movie——- awesome—- I built my machine but, if you put out calls for someone in your area, you will probably find someone to loan you theirs. May God bless you, Jack
You are deceived my friend it’s not gods will for us to take our lives these other believers are speaking the truth in love poor Britney I pray for her family..
I am deeply sorry for what this family has gone through but so far no one has discussed the other aspect of things. The doctors. If we assume that it is wrong for someone to take their own life in such a situation perhaps we should look at who is responsible for a person to reach such devastation. Should doctor’s have the right to give people “expiration dates” telling them how much they have left to live. Absolutely not. A doctor should fight to cure not to kill. Yes cancer is deadly yes statistics are based on actual real life cases but each person is individual. No doctor can predict the future and curative response of anyone let alone tell them devastating facts such as “i give you this much time” As we all know a persons’ psyche and mental state is 50% of the answer to every problem. If you deprive the person of the chance to have faith that everything is possible unless you try then in fact you are sentencing them to death. Once that info is embedded into a person’t brain “you have 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months” it takes roots and plays out exactly that way.Tell someone “you will die” in 2 days and he will in his mind dies in 2 days way before the actual event takes place. Try to convince him afterwards that he won’t actually die and it will be impossible.Once the mind is set to and expiration date “3 months, 6 months” to live then its starts to adjust to that time frame with an expectation for that event to happen. We have all heard of “The subconscious can do anything” Start thinking you are ill and you definitely will get ill. So i look at the greater picture perhaps this approach that many doctors have is to blame in many cases of people that gave up fighting way before they were even given a chance to try because the doctor’s deprived them of it. No body not even the best doctor can predict the future and I believe it should be abolished by law for doctor’s to have the right to give prognoses to people about their survival time by which they immediately inflict depression upon the patient and take away any faith and chance of survival. faith is always 50% of the fight. If you don’t have the faith even if there is hope that hope diminishes immediately. How many medical cases are there around the world where people were told they were terminal and had no more than weeks or months but those people refused to believe it and decided to beat the odds and are still around. And the doctor’s have no explanation how it happened but it happened. So they are not GOD and rather than outlining patient’s deaths they should be outlining their survivals. How many cases have there been that something as simple as the common cold has killed a perfectly healthy person. Every illness is potentially deadly and can be terminal. Unless people try how can they know what the outcome is going to be. I think that this poor girl should have given herself a chance with some sort of treatment in the beginning and only once seeing for herself that it is unbearable and that no results are achieved should she have taken that final decision. She was judging by the expiration date she was given. She believed the doctors and took it for granted. Well of course she would see no point in going on. She believed she had only six months and planned her life that way counting every day and predicting her final day towards the end of the six months in the end she “fulfilled that prophecy” . What if she wasn’t given as expiration date but hope that she should fight and try and that there is always hope. That doesn’t mean lying to a person and deriving him of the right to know. What if she was one of those few percent who beat the odds in the end. Got into remission and could live another 3-5-10 years with her loved ones. Now these people will never know.
After watching my father suffer the devastation of Alzheimer’s and die a lonely miserable death, I have been persuaded, like Brittany, that WE, the afflicted, should have ABSOLUTE say over how we choose to die. The perpetual claims for finding “cures” for devastating diseases rings hollow after decades of medical research that has not been fruitful and cruelly provides false hope to the terminally afflicted. In my father’s case, the only saving grace was that he had signed a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order at one point and so he did not have to suffer from the experience of forced feeding or other medical “insults” to his being, that would have further drained his financial resources with NO improvement to his health. Brittany is to be applauded for her courage and her compassion in choosing the way she will die, as it allows her loved ones to prepare themselves and accept the fact of her impending death. Receiving a phone call in the middle of the night informing me of my mother’s sudden death still ranks as one of the most distressing moments in my life.
There is no God. If it wasn’t for brainwashed religious nuts such as yourself, maybe she wouldn’t have to move to another state so she could die with dignity.
Becca, her stories of hiking the grand canyon and going to Yellowstone happened before the illness made it impossible for her to do so. She didn’t get the pill and use it immediately, she kept it around until a day came that she was ready to go and knew that she could not be the person that she refused not to be. I feel for your loss, I really do. I have lost people both ways, from cancer that ate my aunt down to a skeleton before her death; and my uncle who refused to put his wife and children through the incredible pain that watching his sister die caused him. The choice is something that people in terminal illness positions should be able to have. Not all people will choose it, but having the choice is something that shouldn’t be fought. As American’s, we have the right to live our life with liberty and the pursuit of happiness and choosing our own deaths should be no different.